Position Descriptions - Summer 2021

Information on Recruitment, Application, Interview and Selection Process for Summer Hall Staff 2021

Recruitment Process:

Even though final decisions have not been made regarding the summer on-campus housing operations for Summer 2021, we are now, and will be seeking out applicants at this time who would be interested in a summer hall staff position. Specific types of positions will be determined after clearer decisions are made at a later date. These positions will align to support the types of populations permitted to stay as overnight guests in the on-campus residence halls. Applicants will be communicated about these specific types of positions once more information is known.

Application Process:

An application must be completed through eRezLife to be an official candidate in the process. If you were employed by Summer Housing for Summer 2019, you will be considered a "Returner Applicant". If you were employed by Summer Housing prior to Summer 2019 and/or have never worked for Summer Housing, you will be considered a "New Applicant". Preference will be given to current undergraduate students who will continue to be current undergraduate students living on-campus for the Fall 2021 semester. Preference will also be given to graduate students who will continue to be a graduate student entering the Fall 2021 semester and have experiences living in any of the Notre Dame residence halls. 

Interview and Selection Process:

Because of the fluidity of the situation, interviews and the timeline for these interviews will be determined at a time when more clear decisions are made surrounding the on-campus summer operation. As an applicant, we will communicate to you information about the interview and selection process timelines once we know more information from University leadership regarding the on-campus summer operation on the residence halls. Offers will be made closest to the final decision on summer housing. Similarly to previous years, the application process will remain open until all positions are filled.

For other specific details pertaining to responsibility, expectations, benefits, and compensation, please see the general position description linked below:

PD - General Summer Hall Staff 2021

Students in a summer hall staff position will have the opportunity to strengthen the following skills: critical thinking and problem solving, verbal and written communication, ethical conduct and professionalism, diverse and intercultural fluency, leadership and innovation. Skills and experiences are applicable to leadership positions in your residence halls at Notre Dame.

Thank you for your patience!


If you are curious what a normal summer operation would look like, please see the info below that was prepared for Summer 2020 to get a sense of the different types of populations served and the types of position that serve those populations once a decision is made:


There are three housing operations during the summer at Notre Dame: conference housing, undergraduate summer program housing, and preseason housing. All operations are guided by the Assistant Director for Summer Housing and the Office of Residential Life. The Summer Housing Operation begins the Monday of Senior Week and concludes on the first day of Move-In for the upcoming fall semester. There are different time frames and dates within this span, based off the position you are interested in.

Conference Housing: 
Summer Hall staff in the residence halls designated for conference housing work with summer programs such as: graduate student programs, pre-college and academic high school programs, academic conferences and institutes,  faith formation conferences for high school students and adults, Alumni Association Programs such as Alumni Reunion Weekend, high school and middle school sports camps, and other various groups that reside in our conference residence halls. Positions listed below that would staff these halls include: Hospitality Managers, Assistant Hospitality Managers, and Assistant Facility Managers. These positions are guided and supervised by three Conference Summer Coordinators. Conference Housing begins the Monday following Commencement starting with training, and concludes the first few days of August. 

Undergraduate Summer Program Housing: 
Summer Hall staff in the residence halls designated for undergraduate summer programs work with these summer programs: Notre Dame students, Notre Dame student athletes, students with the Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (REUs) Program, students with Notre Dame International, and students participating in summer college-transition academic programs who will be first year students at Notre Dame in the fall semester. Positions listed that would staff these halls are Community Assistants. These positions are guided and supported by Summer Hall Directors. Undergraduate Housing begins with training of staff during the first few days of senior week, and concludes after closing processes at the end of July.

Preseason Housing:
Summer staff in the residence halls designated for preseason housing work with Notre Dame students are student athletes for fall sport preparation and critical opening faith formation programs. These positions will be filled by a mixture of personnel who worked in either a conference and/or undergraduate summer hall. Selection will be determined by the Assistant Director for Summer Housing staff will  be guided and supported by the Assistant Director for Summer Housing and a designated Preseason Student Coordinator. Preseason Housing begins after the undergraduate summer program housing ends in late July, and concludes on the first day of Move-In Week. 

Office of Residential Life Central Office Support:

Students within the position of Student Office Assistants will support summer operations in the main office of Residential Life, located on the 2nd Floor of Duncan Student Center. This role works specifically with the Senior Administrative Assistant, Coordinators of Residential Life for Housing Operations, Assistant Directors and Directors of Residential Life.