2019 Leadership Summit: Forming Servant Leaders

                     Forming Servant Leaders:
Notre Dame Residential Life Leadership Summit
       August 16th, 2019, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The Hall Staff Leadership Summit is a day long conference for members of hall staff that provides an opportunity to learn important techniques and topics that will greatly enhance members of hall staff in their role on campus. The Leadership Summit is comprised of workshops, discussions and, resources that will provide staff will ideas and resources to succeed in their roles as ministers, educators, and professionals in our hall communities.

Submission Information

The submission period for the 2019 Leadership Summit is May 1st – July 1st. Acceptance notifications will go out by mid July.

The Leadership Summit is an opportunity to emphasize both specific content and skills needed to succeed on hall staff and to fulfill the role of Servant Leader in our residence halls and larger campus community. We aim to engage staff in thoughtful discussions, hands on activities, and experiences that engage them in critical thinking on topics that give insight into the Notre Dame student body and better prepare staff to serve as ministers, educators and professionals in our halls.

Proposals are accepted around the different learning outcomes for Hall Staff Formation. We encourage submissions that include training on practical skills. Along with skills based sessions, we hope this Summit is an opportunity to engage staff in discussions on how to best accompany students struggling with particular concerns or to explore the experience of students with a variety of backgrounds. This format will provide a dedicated portion of time to dive deeply into matters of concern for ND students and methods and strategies to best support them. Please consider proposals around topics such as:

  • Active listening skills
  • Perfectionism at Notre Dame
  • Ally Training
  • Building Communities of Faith in Your Hall
  • Boundaries and Self Care
  • Understanding the LSES Student Experience and How to Best Accompany Students in This Population
  • Appreciating Religious Diversity at Notre Dame
  • Accompanying Students Through Grief
  • Pregnancy Support and Resources on Campus
  • Mediating a Roommate Conflict
  • Building Community in Your Section
  • Advising: An Introductory Session on How to Advise Hall Govt. or Other Groups
  • Supervision 101: Best practices for ARs on supporting and supervising RA staff

When creating your session review the Hall Staff Formation Learning Outcomes and indicate which outcome your presentation will address. Please also consider creating a session that would be solely for ARs or for RAs in order to enhance and support these different roles.

Hall Staff Formation Learning Outcomes:

Hall Staff are called to be ministers, educators and professionals, which include serving as public and visible role models within the residence hall and campus community at all times.

Hall Staff as Minister...
1. Staff will be able to cultivate ministerial identity through individual and group reflection on RA role as mentor and leader in faith
2. Staff will be able to integrate tenets of Holy Cross Mission, especially as it relates to community development at the University of Notre Dame
3. Staff will be able to demonstrate skills used in forming helping relationships with students in hall
4. Staff will be able to practice methods of hospitality when forming community of belonging with students, all whom have a diversity of experience and backgrounds

Hall Staff as Educator...
1. Staff will be able to to identify University expectations for student behavior according to University Code of Conduct
2. Staff will be able to practice holding students accountable through scenarios and training exercises
3. Staff will be able to enhance understanding regarding issues of difference and how this impacts student experience

Hall Staff Professional...
1. Staff will be able to practice strategies and skills in areas of crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and referral
2. Staff will be able to apply professional ethics as it relates to their changing identity from student to staff
3. Staff will be able to identify key administrative responsibilities that accompany the role of hall staff, including facilities, standard operating procedures, and important software programs

How to Submit a Proposal

Please use the following link to access the submission page.  2019 Leadership Summit Proposal All proposals are due no later than July 1st, 2019.