Summer Room Information and Policies - ND Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Options and Rates


Undergraduate Student Housing

Room Accommodation Rate Per Week: $215.00

Undergraduate students will be housed in a traditional, air conditioned residence halls designated for summer undergraduate students. Single rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve request, as there exists a limited availability of these rooms in the residence halls.

Graduate Student Housing 

Room Accommodation Rate Per Week: $285.00

Graduate students will be housed in a traditional, air conditioned residence hall designated for summer graduate students who may need to be present on-campus for summer coursework as it relates to completing their graduate degree program. Physical single rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on the date of your submitted housing application. There exists a limited availability of these rooms in the residence halls.  If you are one who is assigned to a physical single room, the weekly rate will be $215.00.  If you are needing a private room, and there are no more physical single rooms available, you can still request. 

If you are a graduate student needing housing that will go beyond the summer session and into the academic year, you are not eligible for this on-campus housing. Please seek out for assistance in finding more permanent housing for your needs in the communities surrounding the University. To check your eligibility, please consult with your academic program/offering to see if are permitted to apply and live in on-campus summer graduate student housing. Graduate students are generally assigned according to their rooming request (single, double, etc.) and room availability. 

Academic Registration Required with Summer Session to Be Eligible for On-Campus Summer Housing

Undergraduate and Graduate students are only eligible to live in the residence halls if they are enrolled in academic summer coursework (this includes 0-credit on-campus research experiences) for the Summer Session. Please check with your academic program/offering/faculty lead to see if your academic endeavors are registered for the Summer Session.

Click Here for Information on the Summer Housing Application Process



Move-In and Move-Out

Summer Dates (in line with research opportunities, closing with end of Summer Session):

Halls Open: Monday, May 16th 5:00PM

Halls Close: Saturday, July 23rd @ NOON

When you create your Summer Session Application, you will be asked to enter your scheduled arrival date and scheduled departure date. If your dates change after you create your application, we ask that you email our office at to notify us of the change. You must enter your dates for the application to be complete and for you to be eligible to receive summer housing. 

Please keep in mind you are only allowed to arrive 24 hours prior to the beginning of your summer session and you must depart 24 hours after your session ends. 


Weekday/Office Hours Hall Check-In Process:

If you are checking in on a weekday (Monday-Friday), you have two options:

1) Main Office of Residential Life Check-IN (Monday-Friday, 9AM-4:30PM). Please complete this form if you need to arrive during this time. Please give 24-48 business hours notice if you need this check in process.

2) Residence Hall Check-In (Monday-Friday, 7PM-Midnight). No form is needed, just simply arrive to the hall in this window, a staff member will be on duty at the hall desk/or main social area of that hall.


Weekend Hall Check-In Process:

If you are checking in on a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) or outside business hours, the front desk of the hall you are checking into will be staffed from 7PM-Midnight. Please coordinate your arrival to this timeframe, and a Summer Hall Staff Member will assist you with your check-in. If you are unable to make it to check-in during this window, please complete this form (Monday-Friday) for assistance in coordinating your arrival. 


Accommodations When Summer Residence Halls are Closed

If you need additional summer housing outside of the published summer session dates, a short term stay, lease also consider the Morris Inn as an option on campus, or perhaps local short-term stay accommodations in the areas immediately adjacent to the main University campus.

Room Furnishings

Each room is outfitted with a student desk, a desk chair, a bed, and a wardrobe unit. Refer to our Undergraduate Room Information and Policies. Most beds are extra-long twin (an 80” mattress). Please note linens are not provided in student rooms.


The policy information listed in our Undergraduate Room Information and Policies is also relevant to your residency in a Notre Dame residence hall during the Summer Session. For more information or clarification on these and other responsibilities, please refer to du Lac: A Guide to Student Life, Summer Housing Code Of Conduct Sheetany residence hall staff member, or Residential Life, located at 202 Duncan Student Center, 574-631-5878.

Dining & Meal Plans

Campus Dining is open during the official summer session. Meal plans are not included as a part of your room accommodation.  Contact Campus Dining directly to learn more about purchasing meal plans, dining locations, and hours of operation. If you are a part of a group, please consult with your group contact to see if you have meal accommodations. Meal plans are not required as a part of living on-campus during the summer, but are highly encouraged, even if it is a partial meal plan. Kitchen spaces have limited availability in the halls, and are not adequate for cooking three meals per day. Time and space to hall kitchens is determined by the ratio of residents to kitchen space in the hall.  A great selection of alternative dining options are available across campus throughout the summer. 


Questions regarding parking at Notre Dame for the summer session can be answered by Notre Dame Police Department.