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Beginning in the 2023-24 academic year, both male and female undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) may opt to live on-campus in an undergraduate community in Fischer Graduate Residences, located on-campus near Johnson Family Hall. This undergraduate residential community will feature many of the things distinctive to a Notre Dame residential experience, such as a Rector, Hall Staff, and formation in community with the independent living of apartment-style housing. Counting toward the six-semester residency requirement, the Undergraduate Community at Fischer (UCF) will be a unique living experience for the students who choose to call it home.

Located in Buildings 1-8, UCF will be home to approximately 80 male and female sophomores, juniors, and seniors. First-year students are not eligible to live in this community. The apartments in Fischer house two students and feature a private bedroom for each student, one shared bathroom for the unit, and a furnished living and kitchen space. Undergraduate students living in this community are eligible to change their campus meal plan to any available option, regardless of the student’s class.

UCF is a part of the Fischer complex of buildings located on the northeast side of campus, near Johnson Family Hall. It features a community center for all residents, which includes common social space, laundry facilities, administrative offices, and a chapel. The UCF will be led by a Rector, who is a full-time professional staff member living in community with undergraduate students at Fischer. Just like in our traditional halls, the Rector will be supported by a staff comprised of male or female graduate and professional students serving in the Assistant Rector role and male or female senior undergraduate students in the Resident Assistant role, Priest In-Residence, Staff In-Residence, and the Office of Residential Life.

Students interested in joining this community for the 2023-24 academic year should apply via the Hall Transfer Request Form online at between Thursday, February 9 and Wednesday, February 22. Requests will be reviewed and selected on various factors, prioritizing seniority and a variety of student backgrounds. On the request form, students will also be able to indicate up to five other undergraduate students with whom they would like to live in community at Fischer. This will not guarantee placement together or near each other (which is determined during the room picks process) but instead ensures that students will have existing relationships with other students in this new community. Students will learn the status of their request by Thursday, March 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students live in each apartment?

Two students will live in an apartment, with each student having their own private bedroom within the apartment.

What amenities does each apartment have?

Each apartment features a kitchen, living room, dining area, two private bedrooms, and one bathroom. Each apartment is also supplied with a living room and bedroom furniture.

Is this community a male or female community?

Both; this community will host both men and women.

How can I do laundry at Fischer?

The Fischer Community Center has an entire laundry facility for all residents at the Fischer complex to utilize 24 hours a day via card access. Laundry operates the same as in the residence halls and is included in the cost of housing.

Will I have to have a meal plan?

All undergraduate housing, including residents at the Undergraduate Community at Fischer, receive a meal plan as a part of their on-campus housing. However, UCF residents are permitted to change their meal plan to any of the available on-campus resident options, regardless of their class status, which may result in a credit or additional charge to their student account.

How will I know if I’ve been selected to join Fischer?

Students who have applied by the deadline will receive communication on Thursday, March 2 via email offering them a space in the UCF.

What happens if I’m not selected to join Fischer?

Students not selected can participate in their halls room picks process or apply for hall transfer to a different hall on-campus during the second round of requests.

If I am selected, how will I select my apartment?

Students selected to live at the UCF will have a room pick event, just like a residence hall community, where they will select their apartment with their preferred roommate in a lottery process.

Do I get to pick the person living with me in the apartment?

Yes, just as it is with room picks in a residence hall, students can pull their roommate into their room when it is their turn to select an apartment.

Community Location

The Undergraduate Community at Fischer will be located in Buildings 1-8, see here in the gold box.

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