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Important Dates

  • April 1 - Waitlist housing application is available online at Home Under the Dome.
  • July 6 - Priority deadline to complete a waitlist housing application and be included in the initial waitlist lottery process.
  • July 6 - Deadline for waitlisted students to submit housing accommodation needs to the Sara Bea Accessibility Services Office.
  • July 23 - Waitlist housing applicants who applied by July 6 receive either housing assignment information or waitlist position information.

Availability for 2021-22

For the 2021-22 academic year, new transfer students who are subject to the University six semester residency requirement are not required to apply for on-campus housing. Space for transfer students is unfortunately expected to be very limited in Fall 2021 due to a larger first year class in Fall 2020. Transfer students will satisfy the University’s residency requirement regardless of where they live during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Those transfers who wish to apply for on-campus housing will be a part of Notre Dame's housing waitlist process, with the understanding that placement will occur on a space-available basis in the summer. Gateway students will receive priority among the very limited housing expected to be available to transfer students.  Students who apply for on-campus housing and do not receive placement will be able to participate in an program that facilitates introduction to on-campus community living. Holy Cross College will continue to provide guidance and suggest options for housing for Gateway students’ sophomore year.

Transfer students are free to pursue off-campus housing options and sign a lease for the 2021-22 academic year.  Students may sign up with their netID for Notre Dame’s portal to aid in their search for potential off-campus accommodations.

How to Apply for On-Campus Housing

New Transfer Students

Applications will be available following confirmation of enrollment starting in May; you will receive detailed information in your Admissions welcome packet. (Newly admitted students: access to Home Under the Dome is associated with your Notre Dame NetID. If you have not activated your NetID, please visit the Office of Information Technology's Online Help Center for information). Transfer students apply to housing through the waitlist application and are assigned spaces as available (see below). The priority deadline to complete the waitlist housing application for Fall 2021 is July 6.

Students Applying for Readmission

Applications will be available following confirmation of readmittance; you will receive information in your Admissions packet or via email. Readmitted students apply to housing through the waitlist application and are assigned spaces as available. The priority deadline to complete the waitlist housing application for Fall 2021 is July 6.

Accessing the Home Under the Dome Website

Students may access the Home Under the Dome website - our online housing application and information portal - via  In order to log into the website, students must first have activated their Notre Dame accounts.  Please read below to learn more about the account pick-up process. Once a student has activated their Notre Dame account, it may take 24-48 hours before they are authorized to access the Home Under the Dome website.

Once a student is confirmed, they will receive an email address, Notre Dame ID number (ndID), as well as a NetID (the portion of your email address before the "" part of your email). Once your NetID has been created by the University, you will receive an email to your personal email address with a link and instructions on how to activate your new account.  You will be required to set a password, a security question, and enroll at least one device for a two-step authentication process.  We recommend you complete the activation from a computer.  If you do not receive the activation email or you experience problems, contact the OIT Help Desk at or Phone (574) 631-8111.  To learn more about setting up your Notre Dame account, please visit the Office of Information Technology's FAQ page.

Waitlist Housing Application

The waitlist housing application is how new transfer students, as well as students who are readmitted to the University, apply for housing. On-campus housing is not guaranteed to new transfer students or readmitted students; however, the Office of Residential Life works hard to provide housing to all students who apply. Since students who matriculate as first-year students during or after the 2018-19 academic year (i.e., and who are scheduled to graduate in 2022, or later), are required to live on campus for six semesters, any semesters spent in a degree seeking program at another University prior to a student’s transfer to Notre Dame, spent at Notre Dame when on-campus housing is not available (see Availability for 2021-22 above), or spent studying at any of the University’s remote locations (whether facilitated by Notre Dame International or other University departments), will automatically count toward the fulfillment of the six-semester requirement.

Students applying to the Fall 2021 waitlist are strongly encouraged to complete their application by the priority deadline of July 6. Our residence halls are typically full at the start of the fall semester, so not all students on the waitlist will receive housing. On the application, students answer questions that will assist their rector with their transition to college (or their transition back to the University), provide emergency contact information, and complete a housing contract. If the Office of Residential Life has space available, waitlisted students receive their housing assignment information - including their roommate information - on Friday, July 23. If there is not space available, waitlist housing applicants will receive communication on Friday, July 23, regarding their position on the Fall 2021 housing waitlist and the expected availability of space before the start of the fall semester.

Assignment Process for New Transfer Students

At the University of Notre Dame, we have a long tradition of randomly assigning our new students to on-campus housing.  New undergraduates are randomly assigned to residence halls so they can learn to live with and care for peers from all backgrounds and interests. This means that students are not asked for their preferences for roommate, hall, or room type on the housing application. Students with accommodation needs, however, can receive consideration in their housing assignment as it relates their approved accommodation (learn more in the "Requests for Special Accommodation" section below)..

Assignment Process for Readmitted Students

For students who are being readmitted to the University after a separation, the Office of Residential Life makes room assignments based on space available. A readmitted student is asked on the housing application if they would like to return to the hall they had previously lived in before separation.

Requests for Special Accommodation

Students who are in need of special housing accommodations must be in communication with the Sara Bea Accessibility Services Office regarding these requests. All requests must be submitted by July 6 to the Accessibility Services Office in order to be considered for the assignment process. Accessibility Services will communicate with the Office of Residential Life regarding students who need accommodations prior to the assignment process. For requests submitted after the deadline, we cannot guarantee that appropriate space will be available. Receiving an accommodation does not guarantee housing for students applying to the housing waitlist. For students who are on the housing waitlist and have been approved for an accommodation, the Office of Residential Life will make reasonable effort to assign the student according to their accommodation if there is a space available.