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Important Dates

  • Tuesday, October 13 - Hall transfer and float for single requests are available online.
  • Sunday, October 25, 11:59 p.m. - Hall transfer and float for single requests close online.

How to Apply for On-Campus Housing

Students currently residing on-campus do not need to apply for housing for the Spring 2021 semester; their application and contract is currently for the 2020-21 academic year which includes the Spring 2021 semester.

Hall Transfer Requests

The University believes the residential experience is an essential component of a Notre Dame undergraduate education. First-year students are randomly assigned to residence halls and assigned to live with at least one roommate to develop a sense of responsibility and to cultivate a capacity to live with people of all backgrounds. Yet, the University recognizes students may develop other points of connection on campus or sometimes feel that they are not fully flourishing in the community to which they were initially assigned. Any undergraduate students in the latter circumstance are particularly encouraged to reach out to their hall staff or a member of the Residential Life Organizational Chart who can assist with concerns related to their experience of living in community in the residence halls.

The Hall Transfer process (formerly known as the Interhall Transfer request) affords students the possibility of moving to another residence hall community. In 2019, several enhancements were made to better accommodate students who are interested in transferring to another hall. Changes to the Hall Transfer process include: the elimination of the requirement to consult with rectors about a move, though doing so is still encouraged; the ability for students to select up to two preferred transfer halls; and the opportunity to indicate a willingness to accept a room in any available hall. Therefore, as part of the Hall Transfer request, students will submit one request in which they select up to two preferred hall communities. Students may, as a part of this request, additionally indicate a willingness to accept a room in any available hall if their preferred community request is unable to be met.  

After the request period closes, Rectors will receive lists of students participating in the Hall Transfer process. Each Rector will then review applications for their hall and will determine whether a request will be granted in consultation with the Residential Life leadership team. These decisions will be made based upon anticipated space in the hall and occupancy numbers. Unfortunately, we may be unable to meet all requests submitted and Hall Transfer requests are not guaranteed.

Upon approval, students will be assigned to an available space for the Spring 2021 semester by the Office of Residential Life. Once a request for hall transfer has been approved, the request cannot be cancelled. Also, students may not submit requests for both Hall Transfer and Float for Single; these requests are mutually exclusive. Students whose requests are not granted and who did not also indicate a willingness to transfer to any available hall will remain in their home hall community for the spring semester. The Hall Transfer request will be available until October 25 at 11:59 p.m. as part of the online housing application; late requests for hall transfer will not be accepted.


In her June 22 email, Erin Hoffman Harding - Vice President for Student Affairs - permitted any undergraduate student to opt out of on-campus housing and still receive credit toward their housing requirement for the 2020-21 academic year. Because of this, there is no exemption request process for the Spring 2021 semester. Students interested in requesting an exemption for the 2021-22 academic year can learn more about this request process in the spring semester.

Float for Single Requests

The Float for Single process allows students to remove themselves from their hall's room picks process to request a single room located anywhere on-campus for the Spring 2021 semester. In this process, students are not able to specify a hall. Requests are available on October 13 and are due by October 25. On October 30, students who have requested to Float for Single will receive a lottery number that is specific to this process. The float lottery number determines the order in which students are assigned when/if a single room becomes available. Lottery numbers will be segmented based upon class year (i.e. rising seniors, rising juniors, and then rising sophomores).

Submitting a request to float for a single room in no way guarantees nor implies availability of a single room assignment. The Office of Residential Life is unable to predict the exact number or timing of rooms available for these assignments.

Float for Single assignments are not made until after the room assignment process is completed and special accommodations are made. Students requesting to Float for Single will receive notification of their assignment by November 18. Students who are not assigned a single room by November 18 will remain assigned to their current on-campus assignment. If the applicant does not currently live on-campus, they will be assigned to a space in a multi-occupancy room (with roommates) in any hall after the end of the fall semester. The assignment will be based upon space available at the time of the assignment and no specific building is guaranteed. While we attempt to find space in the original hall community, it is not guaranteed.

Applicants may cancel their Float for Single request through November 5 by emailing the Office of Residential Life. After November 5, applicants cannot retract their Float for Single request and they must remain in the Float process.

Students may not submit a request to Float for Single and a request for Hall Transfer; these are mutually exclusive applications. This request process will be available until Sunday, October 25, at 11:59 p.m. at; late requests to float for a single will not be accepted.