Fifth Year Students

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Fifth year undergraduate students, including those in five-year Notre Dame programs such as in the School of Architecture or Reilly dual degree program, are not eligible to participate in residence hall room picks. If fifth year students who have completed four years of a five year Notre Dame undergraduate program (Architecture or Reilly) would like to live in on-campus residence halls, they have three options.  First, they are welcome and encouraged to complete a waitlist housing application. The waitlist housing application for the fall semester is typically available in November with a priority submission deadline of mid-December. Second, these students are also welcome to apply for Resident Assistant positions in the undergraduate residence halls. To learn more information about the hiring timeline and process, please visit our Student Employment webpage on the Resident Assistant position. Finally, unlike other undergraduate students, these fifth year students are eligible to reside in Fischer Graduate Residences, which are two-bedroom apartments located on-campus and managed by Bradley Company. To apply to live in the Fischer Graduate Residences, please complete the Bradley Company "Contact Us" form to submit your inquiry.