Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I forget or don't receive my Move-In Card?

If you arrive onto campus and do not have your card, please visit the parking lots listed on the Move-In Information page during the scheduled move-in times to get a new card issued. Please note that international students will not receive move-in cards in the mail and will need to obtain one from their assigned move-in parking lot or (if after hours) at the Main Gate.

If I arrive a day early, may I move my belongings in?

No, if you arrive on a day for which you are not scheduled, you will not be allowed onto campus.

If I arrive late to my move-in time, will I be allowed to move-in?

Yes, you will be placed behind those who arrived during their scheduled time and allowed to move in as space becomes available near the hall.

If I need to move in quickly, may I be placed at the beginning of the line?

No, cars will be allowed to move-in in the order they arrive and if space is available for move-in near the hall.

I am arriving with a moving truck or trailer - what should I do?

Due to the limited access to the residence halls, the following restrictions have been placed on moving trucks and trailers.

  • Trucks whose box is wider than its cab are not permitted on campus.
  • Cargo and Utility Trailers of all sizes are prohibited on campus.
  • Portable Storage Units are prohibited on campus

If you arrive with a prohibited vehicle/trailer or there is not enough room to maneuver your vehicle near your hall for move-in, you will be asked to move your vehicle to the D6 South parking area where you will be asked to unload your belongings. NDSP has a limited number of moving trucks that can assist you in moving your belongings to your residence hall from D6 South. An NDSP official will drive the truck with you and your belongings to your residence hall where you will unload for move-in. Click here for an example of prohibited and permitted moving trucks.

Can I ship my belongings so they arrive before I do?

If you are having items shipped, make sure they are scheduled to arrive AFTER you check-in. There is no secure area to store packages or shipments that arrive prior to the beginning of the year. If you are shipping UPS, they may be willing to hold the packages for you at the UPS distribution center located near the South Bend Regional Airport.