Residence Hall Truck and Trailer Restrictions

Residential Life, Parking Services, and NDPD limit the trucks and trailers that may access Unloading Zone at the residence halls during move-in and move-out. With over 6,500 students moving during these days restrictions allow more families to access loading and unloading areas at the residence hall simultaneously and allow staff and volunteers to safely direct and guide traffic. 

As you begin making your plans to arrive or depart campus, please follow these restrictions. Remember that during these peak residence hall transition times, all vehicles in Unloading Zones must be attended by the driver. 

Moving and storage companies accessing campus on behalf of a student during move-in and move-out must also follow the guidelines listed below for trucks and trailers during move-in and move-out. 

Residential Life provides additional information regarding Campus Access to Residence Halls Unloading Zones at their website prior to move-in or move-out. Please review all information and share with your family or guests. 


Trucks Approved in Residence Hall Unloading Zones

  • Cars, SUVs, vans, and pick up trucks that are no longer than 17 feet. 
  • Box Trucks where the box is not wider than the cab.
    • Most 10' box trucks often rented locally are permitted.
Vans, Box trucks less than 17' and box smaller than cab, and pick up trucks are approved in Residence Hall Loading/Unloading Zones

Trucks and Trailers Not Approved in Residence Hall Unloading Zones

  • Cars, vans, and pick up trucks longer than 17 feet.
  • Box trucks where the box is wider than the cab.
    • 15' and 17' box trucks often rented locally are not permitted. 
  • Cargo trailers or towed items are not permitted. 
    • Bike racks may be attached at the trailer hitch, but not towed independent of the vehicle. 
  • Portable storage pods are not permitted on campus.

If you have a truck or trailer that is not permitted at the Residence Hall, you may park in the Lake Lot. If your trailer is not permitted, you may park your trailer in the lot and use your personal vehicle to shuttle your items to your residence hall using our campus access guidelines. NDPD also offers assistance when trucks are not approved, you may call NDPD at 631-5555

Box trucks when the box is wider than the cab, Trucks over 17' long and towed trailers of any size are not approved in Residence Hall Unloading Zones.