Early Arrival Policies

May 1, 2019 Early Arrival request form available
July 12, 2019 Last date for students and departments to request an Early Arrival
August 22, 2019 Transfer Student Move-In
August 23, 2019 First Year Student Move-In
August 25, 2019 Returning Student Move-In


Residence halls open for students to move in on the following days:

  • Thursday, August 22: Transfer students
  • Friday, August 23: First Year students
  • Sunday, August 25: Returning students

The majority of students should make their travel plans according to these dates. In order to permit our staff to maintain a focus on welcoming First Year students and preparing to open their residence halls, exceptions for returning students to arrive before the above dates will only be made in very rare circumstances. First Year students are not permitted to arrive early for any reason, unless they are part of an approved University program that requires them to do so.

To request approval to arrive prior to the dates listed above, students must be considered part of an official university group or department considered essential to the opening of the University, or meet the criteria for an individual request as outlined below. To determine which form is appropriate for your circumstances, please read the following information carefully prior to completing the Early Arrival request form.

Individual Early Arrival Requests

A limited number of students are approved for an Individual Early Arrival in the event of exceptional, extenuating personal circumstances. In order to be considered, students must submit the required Housing Extension request form no later than Friday, July 12. Requests will not be considered via other means (phone calls, email, etc.).

Requests will be reviewed by the Office of Residential Life, and students will be notified whether their request was approved or denied on a rolling basis.

Early Arrival Form

Please Note:

  • All requests must be approved centrally by the Office of Residential Life. Rectors, hall staff, or other University staff members are not able to approve students for an Early Arrival.
  • The deadline to submit an Individual Early Arrival request is Friday, July 12.
  • This form is a request only. Submission of the form, lack of planning, and pre-arranged travel arrangements will not guarantee approval. Students should make travel plans accordingly.
  • Students who have not received approval from the Office of Residential Life will not be permitted to check into their residence halls or move in any belongings until Sunday, August 25. Students will be responsible for securing accommodations elsewhere.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to submit an Individual Early Arrival request. Parents, siblings, etc. may not request an Early Arrival on a student’s behalf.
  • Students approved for an Individual Early Arrival are expected to uphold all University policies and the student code of conduct. Any incidents that occur during a housing extension period may result in the loss of housing privileges and a referral to the Student Conduct process.

Group Early Arrival Requests

Group early arrival requests must be submitted online via the Housing Extension request form. It is the responsibility of a Group Administrator (Notre Dame Faculty or Staff), and not the individual student, to submit the request form on behalf of all students in their group.

Early Arrival Form

Please Note:

  • The deadline to submit requests is Friday, July 12. Requests will not be accepted after this date.
  • Groups must be sponsored by a University department in order to be considered for an early arrival, and requests for a housing extension must be submitted by a Notre Dame faculty or staff member.
  • Submission of the Housing Extension request form is a request only. Not all groups will be approved.
  • Groups may not request for students to arrive more than 24 hours before the start of any group programming. Additionally, when possible groups are encouraged to consider their programming needs and whether training or other programs can be held after returning students move in on Sunday, August 25.
  • Group administrators are responsible for the conduct of their group’s members. Any incidents that occur during a housing extension period may result in the loss of housing privileges, a referral to the Student Conduct process, and may jeopardize the ability for the group to be approved for future housing extensions. Adherence to all University policies and Hall Staff directives is critical for the success of the group.