Information for Transfer Students


Welcome to your home under the dome! We look forward to welcoming you to campus in August. As you prepare to make your way to campus, please take a moment to read the following carefully for important information on the Move-In process. Should you have questions that are not answered below or in our FAQs, please contact the Office of Residential Life at or (574) 631-5878. For all other Welcome Weekend questions, please visit

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Transfer Student Move-In Times

Transfer students living on campus should plan to move in to their residence hall on Thursday, August 22, between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM. 

Dashboard Move-In Cards

Dashboard Card

You must display the card with your name facing up on your vehicle's dashboard. If you forget or do not receive your dashboard card, please proceed directly to your hall's assigned staging lot, where Move-In staff will issue you a replacement.Your assigned move-in time and parking lot will be included on a colored dashboard card that will be mailed to your home address in early August. It is very important that you bring your card with you, as you will not be allowed to enter campus without it. Once you receive your card in the mail, please write down the cell phone number of a contact who will be with you on move-in day. This will only be used in the event that your car must be moved.

Note: International Students will not receive dashboard cards in the mail. To obtain a dashboard card, international students arriving by vehicle should proceed directly to their hall's assigned staging lot during their approved move-in time. For those arriving by bus or alternative transportation, no dashboard card is required.

Staging Lots

Your first stop on campus will be your hall's move-in staging lot, listed below. Upon arriving to the appropriate staging lot, you will be directed into your residence hall's "staging line," where Move-In staff will verify your move-in card and release your car to access campus as space becomes available near your residence hall.

Click on your hall's link below to view a visual of the route you will take from the staging area to your residence hall!

Walsh Architecture (Joyce) Lot approach from Angela Boulevard


Baumer (Dillon Community)



Welsh Family

Rugby Lot approach from Douglas Road






Pasquerilla West



St. Edward's




Dorr Road Lot approach from N. Michigan/SR 933

Badin (note: Howard and Badin residents will enter the same line in the Dorr Road staging area)

Carroll (note: Carroll residents do not need to stop at staging. They may proceed directly to the north end of Lake Lot to unload belongings)



Howard (note: Howard and Badin residents will enter the same line in the Dorr Road staging area)




O'Neill Family


Fischer Lotapproach from Douglas or Twyckenham




Pasquerilla East

Parking After Unloading

Hall drop-off parking is for unloading only. To keep the move-in process flowing smoothly for all our students and families, vehicles must leave the hall and park at a perimeter parking lot as soon as possible to make space for other students to unload their belongings. Available parking can be viewed here.

Vehicle Restrictions

Due to the limited access to the residence halls, the following restrictions have been placed on moving trucks and trailers.

  • Trucks whose box is wider than its cab are not permitted on campus
  • Cargo and Utility Trailers of all sizes are prohibited on campus.
  • Portable Storage Units are prohibited on campus

If you arrive with a prohibited vehicle/trailer or there is not enough room to maneuver your vehicle near your hall for move-in, you will be asked to move your vehicle to the Lake Lot parking area where you will be asked to unload your belongings. NDPD has a limited number of moving trucks that can assist you in moving your belongings to your residence hall from the Lake Lot. An NDPD official will drive the truck with you and your belongings to your residence hall, where you will unload for move-in.

Click here for an example of prohibited and permitted moving trucks.

What to Bring to Campus

Looking for suggestions on what to bring and what not to bring to campus? Click here!

Questions? Visit our FAQs page. Should you have questions that are not answered on these pages, please contact the Office of Residential Life at or (574) 631-5878.