Winter Session Closing and Move-Out

Residence Halls will close for the fall 2020 semester on Saturday, November 21 at Noon. Students should depart 24 hours after their last final, and no later than noon on November 21.

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Hall Closing

Residence Halls officially close for the Winter Session of Spring 2021 semester at 12:00 p.m., Noon, on Saturday, November 21. The Spring 2021 semester will begin on Wednesday, February 3; additional details about return to campus after the Winter Session will be forthcoming. All students should utilize the Closing Check-List (below) when departing. All students who will not be returning to the hall in February must complete a check out in person with a member of Hall Staff,  remove all belongings from the room (so as to permit the room to be cleaned prior to new students moving in), and turn in all room keys before departing.

Winter Break Exit Testing

Testing prior to Winter Break is an important way for the University to ensure our students’ safe departure, protect loved ones, and support home communities. All students will be scheduled for Winter Break exit testing before the end of the Fall semester, either through an appointment time or mandatory surveillance testing.  Please find additional information regarding exit testing here


While students should not move out of their residence hall room for the Winter Session, they should know that they will not have access to their residence hall room after November 21, 2020 at Noon. In order to prepare for the extended vacancy in your room, please make certain the following items are completed prior to departing. The last resident to leave the room should post this checklist on the door. Staff members will double-check each room after departure to ensure all items have been completed.

  • Close windows tightly and lock all windows.
  • Unplug electrical items from all outlets, including desk lights, aquariums, and alarm clocks.
  • Clean, defrost, unplug, and prop open the door of the refrigerator. Be sure to allow time for it to melt and dry out!
  • Empty trash and recycling, and remove all food.
  • Turn heat on and set at Medium or 70 degrees.
  • Remove all holiday decorations
  • Remove all personal items from community bathrooms, laundry rooms, showers, etc. for cleaning
  • Remove all items from window ledges and heating units to allow for filter replacement.
  • If not returning next semester, schedule and complete checkout with Hall Staff, turning in key(s).
  • Turn lights off.
  • Close and lock room door.

When leaving for the winter session, please remember to pack these commonly forgotten items:

  • Business/Formal Clothing
  • Medications (including contact lenses and retainers): For the extended break, plan ahead and contact UHS or your health provider for medication refills so that you don’t run out while away from campus.
  • Important Documents (passport, social security cards, credit/debit cards)
  • Any academic materials for Winter Session (textbooks, graphing calculators, flash drives)
  • Laptops/IPads/Game Systems (including their chargers)

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting

Building Services staff will enter the hall twice during the break for disinfecting of both student rooms and common space areas in your hall. The first entrance will allow them to electrostatically spray all soft surfaces including furniture, door knobs, light switches, and desk chairs, for example. It is important that you remove or cover any electronics (i.e., TVs) from open spaces for this process.  Their second entry into student rooms will allow staff to wipe and disinfect surfaces in your room, including floors, sinks, mirrors, desks etc. 

Please take extra care to secure valuable items and to tidy your space. Consider putting away any electronics or personal items like toothbrushes or shaving razors on your vanity so that this can be properly cleaned. 

Late Departing Residents and Accommodations

The Residential Life office does not grant late departure requests to residents. Residents who fail to vacate the residence hall by 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 21, or who disregard their Rector's check-out instructions, may be charged an improper check out fee. 

The University realizes that some on campus undergraduate students may need accommodations for portions of the longer winter break due to COVID-related travel issues. These students could include some international students, some student athletes, and students for whom returning home would present a particular hardship. Notre Dame International, the Department of Athletics, the Office of Student Enrichment, and the Center for Student Support and Care will work with Residential Life to determine available accommodations and communicate with pre-approved students in the weeks ahead. There are minimal local apartment options available to students engaged in faculty-sponsored research experiences during the Winter Session. More information on this program is available here.

Quarantine and Isolation

Students in quarantine and isolation housing after the halls close will be contacted regarding instructions to retrieve items once they have a green pass and are released by the COVID Response Unit. We strongly suggest you prepare your belongings to “grab and go” in the event you are placed into quarantine or isolation. Please plan accordingly.

Housing Changes

Students not returning to the Residence Hall

All students who will not be returning to the hall in February must complete a check out in person with a member of Hall Staff,  remove all belongings from the room (so as to permit the room to be cleaned prior to new students moving in), and turn in all room keys before departing. Students should contact their Rector for additional instructions.

  • Ensuring that all correct furniture has been returned to the room to its original configuration.
  • Unlofting any beds that have been lofted
  • Returning bed space to its original configuration as found at the beginning of the year
  • Ensuring all personal belongings are removed and room is cleaned
  • Removing all trash to the dumpster located closest to your building

Returning all keys (including mailbox keys, when applicable); keys not returned at check-out will result in a $100 lost key charge to your student account

Room Assignment Changes

Students who will not be returning to their current room assignment in the spring semester for any reason must complete the Check-Out process with their current, fall Rector (which includes removing all belongings from the room, conducting a room inspection with a member of hall staff, and returning all room keys). This must be completed no later than 12:00 PM on Saturday, November 21..

Unexpected Housing Changes

Students with unexpected changes to their housing assignments for the Spring Semester after November 21, 2020 (transfer, dismissed, etc.) must contact the Office of Residential Life ( or 574-631-5878).