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Who is packing my apartment/residence hall room?

Handled is the only available packing, storing, and shipment service for students unable to return to campus or send a proxy during the in-person appointment period. Their website and apps will easily allow students to identify items that should be placed into storage or items they would like to have shipped home to them. The Handled concierge team can help quote shipping costs with their chat option. You can also email to determine if this is a cost effective option for you.

We encourage you to visit Handled's website to read their frequently asked questions about their service.

FAQ from Handled

Handled How-To Guide

Will the University help me pay for packing and shipping?

Students experiencing financial difficulties may contact the Office of Student Enrichment to determine whether they are eligible for assistance. While levels of assistance may vary, students could be eligible to receive coverage for the cost of the items to be packed and stored until September 30; any shipping costs may need to be covered by the student. 

How do I sign up for Handled?

Please visit to review service options, register, and pay for this service. View this How-To Guide for more information on how Notre Dame students should fill out specific fields in the order form.

What is the deadline for making arrangements with Handled?

Please work with your family to identify whether packing and shipping or storage are right for you. Students will have until the end of the in-person appointment period to make these arrangements.

Do I need to use Handled?

Handled is the only contractor that can access residence halls on a student’s behalf without the student present. Students can sign up for an in-person or proxy appointment. Students with an in-person move-out appointment may (as always) hire a moving company to pick up and store items with the understanding you assume all liability. Your personally hired company must be escorted by you and their access to the building can only occur during your appointment time.

If I store my items with Handled, how will I get them in the fall?

When registering with Handled, please include your fall room assignment. Included in the price is delivery of all stored items to your fall room assignment. Handled is the University’s only approved third-party contractor to pack and store items on your behalf. We will work collaboratively with Handled for your items to be delivered to your Fall 2020 room assignment as close to fall move-in weekend as possible. 

You can still use this service if you are living off campus. If you know your local off-campus address, you should also include that in your registration. Off-campus students will need to make arrangements on their own for items to be delivered. The University is unable to collaborate on delivery of stored items to off-campus addresses.

Can my Rector move items from another room into my room for Handled to take?

No. For liability and safety, Handled will only be able to access items in the residence hall room that is assigned to you. Rectors are not available to enter other spaces and move items into your room. 

Can I donate unwanted items if Handled is packing my room?

Students using Handled are encouraged to arrange for removal of all belongings from the room.  All items left in student rooms after the move-out process has ended will be disposed of or donated. If you use Handled, you may choose not to include some items in your order, but know that items remaining in your room after the move-out period has ended may be subject to additional removal costs.

I want to pack my own items, are storage options available?

You are also welcome to make storage arrangements on your own with local companies, but any personally hired company must be escorted by you and their access to the building can only occur during your appointment time.

What if my personal items are lost or damaged when Handled is packing them?

Students whose items are lost or damaged should submit a claim to their personal insurance company (homeowners or renters) prior to filing a claim with Handled. 

What if I need storage past September 30?

Students who use Handled can extend their storage past September 30 by reaching out through or the concierge team to extend storage. The cost for additional storage is $35 per student, per month. 

What about bikes? Is there a storage or shipping option?

As in previous years, there is no on-campus storage option for bikes over the summer. Handled is not able to retrieve bikes or scooters not located in residence hall rooms.

What if I am not returning to campus in the fall? Can I pick up my items or do they need to be shipped?

Please work with the Handled concierge team via chat to determine if this is a cost effective option for you.

Will the University sponsor other vendors on campus?

To provide the best support and experience, we have chosen to only work with Handled as an approved vendor to pack and store items on a student’s behalf. 

Will the University provide storage trailers?

At this time, the University is not coordinating a storage container process for halls. The University does not endorse any particular private facilities or storage companies, though students are welcome and encouraged to contract with local storage facilities as in years past. Additional guidance regarding personally hired moving services will be provided when it is available. Any personally hired services must occur during your appointment time.   

Will Handled pack up items already in the hall storage closet?

Students with belongings in hall storage who are electing to ship items home can talk to their Rector about potential options. Otherwise, belongings in the hall storage closet will remain there until students return in fall. All students returning for in-person appointments must retrieve their belongings from the hall storage room.