Move-Out Registration FAQs

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Move-Out Registration

What is Move-Out Registration?

All students are required to log into their Home Under the Dome portal and complete their move out registration. This is a required step that applies to all students, regardless of what option they will choose for removing their items from campus, if needed. The move-out registration process consists of the following steps: 

  • Receive and consent to information about room condition, damages, liability, and keys.
  • Select your move-out option: selecting your move-out option will then direct you to additional information, including appointment sign-ups, proxy registration, and information on Handled. 

Do I have to complete my Move-Out Registration if I’m using the Handled packing option?

Yes, all students must complete the registration in Home Under the Dome. 

If I already moved out my belongings, do I still need to complete the Move-Out Registration??

Yes, all students are required to complete this process. The portal includes a move-out selection choice for those who have already moved out of their rooms. 

When can I complete my registration??

You may log in to the portal and begin your registration  as soon as you are notified by our office that the process is open. 

When must I complete my Move-Out Registration?

Your registration must be completed by the end of the in-person move-out appointment window. 

Cleaning and Damages

Will I need to clean my room?

Yes. Students are expected to remove all personal items from their rooms and leave their rooms in a tidy condition before completing their move-out. While we are not asking students to do a deep-cleaning of their room during their four-hour appointment window, we do ask that the room is free of trash, clutter, and student belongings; that the room is swept; that beds are de-lofted when possible, and that all University-provided student room furniture that was in the room at the beginning of the academic year be returned to the room before your departure. Any room that is not left properly cleaned and vacated of property may result in additional removal and cleaning charges to the student account of the occupant(s) of the room. 

What if I move out before my roommate, and they leave the room messy, will I also be charged?

Any room that is not left properly cleaned and vacated of property may result in additional cleaning charges to the student account of the occupant(s) of the room. If you are in a multi-occupancy room, it will be up to you to have a conversation with your roommate(s) to ensure you have a collective plan to address your room given varying appointment times. 

How will damages be determined?

Staff will enter your room after the check out process and assess your room for damages. For health and safety reasons, this will not occur during your four-hour appointment window. Any damages found that were not listed on your Room Inspection at move-in will be charged to the occupant(s) of the room. 

If a proxy or Handled packs my room, who is responsible for damages?

Students will be held responsible for all damages present in the room that were not marked on the Room Inspection at the time of move-in. 

What resources does the University offer for damaged personal property?

Please review the University's information on personal property and insurance.


How will I return my keys?

You have the option to return your keys in a few different ways: 

  1. If you are utilizing an in-person checkout appointment, you (or your proxy) should bring your keys to campus for your appointment and return them upon the completion of your move-out. 
  2. If you are choosing to use Handled and your keys are in your room, you will be able to identify their location so that Handled can return the keys to the hall while they are packing your room. 
  3. If you are using Handled and you have your keys with you in your possession currently, you will need to mail your keys back to us. When mailing your key to us, you must follow these instructions:
    • Address the envelope to: University of Notre Dame, Office of Residential Life,1 Duncan Student Center, Suite 202, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
    • Attach the key(s) to a piece of small cardboard or wrap in tissue or bubble wrap to ensure it does not make its way out of the envelope during transit. We suggest using cardboard or bubble envelopes to mail the keys so that the keys do not tear or puncture through a paper envelope.
    • You must include an index card or other item in the envelope with your written name, hall, and room number so we can identify the keys.

Lost key charges will apply for keys that are not postmarked within 10 days of the student’s move-out registration completion date.

I lost my keys, what will happen?

If you have lost your keys, your room will be re-cored and your student account will be charged for the cost of the recore.

I left my keys in my room, how will I be able to get in for my appointment time?

There will be staff in the building during the appointment window who can assist you in accessing your room should you need help. If you need help accessing your room, please mention this to the building coordinator when you check in with them.

Do I need to return my mailbox key?

Yes. Please return both your mailbox key and your room key (unless you live in a card-access hall, in which case you will need to return your mailbox key but will keep your ID card).