Primary Option FAQs - In-Person Move Out



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What safety measures is the University taking to keep students and guests safe?

Know that your safety and the safety of our University community remain our top priority. University medical officials, in consultation with local and national experts, have provided significant guidance for how to create a safe move-out environment. This guidance, based on the best information currently available, includes:

  • Rooms in each hall have been clustered into unique move out zones, to provide adequate social distancing for students and their guests. 
  • One appointment per day, per zone, will be offered to limit the number of people gathering in the building, and appointment groups are limited to the student and 2 guests.
  • All University staff will be wearing masks and gloves inside buildings, and will respect social distancing guidelines both inside and outside of buildings. No students or guests will be allowed in the residence halls without some kind of mouth/nose covering.
  • Each hall will be open on a half-day basis to allow for proper daily sanitization in bathrooms and common areas. 
  • Additionally, door handles, elevator buttons, moving carts, and other high-touch areas will be sanitized throughout the day. Main doors will be propped open to decrease handling of doorknobs.
  • Sanitizer will be available at the entrances of all residence halls. Students and guests should sanitize each time they enter the building. 
  • Posted signage will indicate appropriate social distancing practices within the halls.
  • Parking configurations at halls will be administered with proper social distancing in mind.

I picked the same room for fall 2020 that I had in spring 2020. Can I leave my belongings in the room during the summer?

No. For safety, maintenance, and pest control purposes, all students must ensure their rooms are cleared once the move-out process begins. 

How do I make my appointment?

When appointments become available, you will sign up in Home Under the Dome. You will be able to sign up for a time up to 24 hours in advance. For safety and social distancing, there are a limited number of appointments per hall each day. 

How many appointments are available each day?

Based on public health recommendations, move-out appointments will be offered in a way that (a) minimizes the number of appointments per day per building, (b) allows for cleaning of high-touch surfaces each day per building, and (c) avoids students in the same room moving out during the same appointment window.

How long is my appointment?

You will register for one of two options for appointment times: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 1 - 5 p.m. Please plan to arrive on campus at the start of your appointment as you will only have access to your residence hall during this four-hour window. At the end of this appointment time, your card access will be turned off and there will be no re-entry into your residence hall; you will also need to return your keys prior to leaving campus.

How long before the appointment can I sign up?

All students should complete the Move-out Registration by June 4, 2020. For us to plan appropriately, sign ups for appointment times will close 24 hours before the appointment time. For example if you would like to come at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, the sign up for this time will close at 8 a.m. on Monday.

There are no appointments on the day that I want to come to campus, what should I do?

Based on public health recommendations, move-out appointments will be offered in a way that (a) minimizes the number of appointments per day per building, (b) allows for cleaning of high-touch surfaces each day per building, and (c) avoids students in the same room moving out during the same appointment window. If no appointments are available on the day you want to come to campus, please choose from the other available appointments. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this process as we work to keep everyone safe. 

What is the deadline for me to return to campus to move myself out?

Students must schedule an in-person appointment for themselves or a proxy by June 4, 2020. Any items that are left in the residence hall room will be donated and may be subject to additional removal costs. If you do not return your key, you will also be charged for the recore of the room.

Do I need to be there to start moving out at the beginning of my time?

Yes. Please plan to arrive at the start of your appointment time, your ID card access will only be available during this four-hour time. Additional arrival instructions will be sent to you prior to your appointment time.

Can I cancel/change my appointment?

Yes. You will be able to go back into Home Under the Dome to cancel or change your appointment. Access to appointments to make changes will close 24 hours before the start of the appointment window. 

I’m planning to study abroad and am still waiting on an update from the University. Will I be able to cancel/change my appointment based on that update?

Yes. You will be able to go back into Home Under the Dome to cancel or change your appointment. Access to appointments to make changes will close 24 hours before the start of the appointment window. As a reminder, Handled storage costs beyond September 30 will carry additional costs.

Can I sign up for more than one appointment slot? 

No. Students may only sign up for one four-hour appointment time. 

What if I need more than my four-hour move out time?

To limit social contact, it is important that you arrive at the beginning of your appointment time and leave your residence hall by the end of your appointment. Please plan ahead and make sure you have packing materials and appropriate help to remove any large items.  

Can my roommate and I move out at the same time?

No. Based on public health recommendations, move-out appointments will be offered in a way that (a) minimizes the number of appointments per day per building, (b) allows for cleaning of high-touch surfaces each day per building, and (c) avoids students in the same room moving out during the same appointment window. Considering social distancing guidelines and the average size of our residence hall rooms, we are unable to allow you and your roommate to share an appointment time. 

Can I hire a local moving or storage company to come at my appointment time?

Students with an in-person move-out appointment may (as always) hire a moving company to pick up and store your items, understanding you assume all liability. Your personally hired company must be escorted by you and their access to the building can only occur during your appointment time. Current health restrictions suggest a total of three people in a room at a time, so you are allowed to bring up to two guests to help you move large items. 

Will anyone be able to help me move out?

To promote social distancing, University staff will be very limited. Please make arrangements to bring guests with you to help move out. Current health guidelines suggest no more than three people per room, so we ask that you do not bring more than two guests to assist with your move-out to reduce the total number of people in each building. All students must have their own appointment time to access, move out, and check out of their own room.

Traveling to campus presents a financial challenge for me. What can I do?

Students experiencing financial difficulties may contact the Office of Student Enrichment to determine whether they are eligible for assistance. While levels of assistance may vary, students could be eligible to receive coverage for the cost of the items to be packed and stored until September 30; any shipping costs may need to be covered by the student.

What are the current health guidelines in Indiana and St. Joseph County?

Students should review the following: Back on Track Indiana; Indiana Executive Order; St. Joseph County. The University will continue to update with additional information. 


Will any boxes or bags be provided?

Yes. The University will provide several items to you upon arrival for your appointment time. These items include blue trash bags to bag up small donation items to be transported to nearby Goodwill donation sites, black trash bags to bag up and take out any trash, and a limited number of boxes to assist you with packing and moving your items. Most halls will have additional cleaning supplies (such as vacuum cleaners and brooms) and moving carts, although the number and availability of these items will vary between halls. You are, of course, welcome to bring any additional supplies with you that will help you complete your move-out process in the four-hour window. 

Can I donate unwanted items if I have an in-person appointment?

Yes, but all items must be removed from your room upon departure. There will be Goodwill donation sites at each residence hall for item drop-off. Students wishing to donate items must take them to the drop-off site for their hall; items for donation may not be left behind in student rooms or common spaces of the hall. Students coming for an in-person move-out appointment will receive a blue trash bag that can be used to bag up and transport smaller items for donation. There will also be a large electronics recycling option for students, should students have large electronic items they no longer want. Any students with items left in their rooms after the move-out process has ended may be subject to additional cleaning and removal charges.

Should I bring my own personal protection equipment?

Our appointment times have been arranged with your safety in mind to allow appropriate social distancing and control group gatherings during the appointment window. All students and their guests must bring masks to wear inside residence halls and other campus buildings. Gloves are also encouraged.

Is there a limit to how many guests I can bring with me?

Many students will be accessing your hall during your appointment time. To promote social distancing and follow group gathering guidelines, please do not bring more than 2 guests with you to your appointment. We are limiting the number of people accessing the hall to protect you and our community. 

Can I stay the night in my hall before moving out?

No. While we will be unable to offer overnight accommodations in the residence halls, additional information regarding local accommodations can be found below:

Morris Inn on Notre Dame's campus
(800) 280-7256

Other Area Hotels:

Morris Inn is open for limited business to support the move-out of Notre Dame's students beginning May 21st. For the latest, up-to-date availability visit  Morris Inn guests can expect: 

  • Enhanced cleaning standards throughout the hotel, including guest rooms, meeting spaces, common areas, and back-of-house spaces
  • Superior cleaning products with a greater concentration of bacteria-killing ingredients, in accordance with CDC guidelines
  • Social distancing practices and reducing person-to-person contact Increased transparency throughout the guest journey

Will there be any food or beverages available on-campus for purchase?

Rohr's Fresh Market will have grab and go items available from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. beginning May 21st. For carry-out options, the Rohr's kitchen will be open with items from our new Rohr's restaurant menu from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. Beer and wine are also available, as well as specialty coffees, espresso, fresh pastries, salad and sandwiches to go. Contactless payment and curbside pick-up at the Morris Inn for pre-orders are available via Grubhub from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. or by calling (574) 850-2272.

To view more information, please visit the Rohr's website.

Will I be able to park at my residence hall?

Move-out and staging lot instructions will be provided to students after your appointment is made regarding how to enter campus and continue to your residence hall. Limited parking will be available at halls, but you may be able to park in another lot and move your vehicle to the hall when you are ready to load your items. Please be sure to review policies restricting Truck and Trailer access to campus.

How will I access the building?

Your ID card will be active at the beginning of your appointment time, and will turn off at the end of your four-hour appointment. Please plan to bring your ID card with you to access the halls and to verify your identity to campus staff. 

Can I send my parents or another representative to pack up my room?

Yes. Students unable to return to campus may sign up for a proxy (a parent or another representative) to move-out on their behalf. Proxy appointments will be offered June 5-11. When completing the Move-out Registration, students can sign up for a proxy appointment time.

How will my proxy access my room?

We will have staff present on campus to assist proxies with accessing student rooms. If you have your keys, we encourage you to send them with your proxy so that they can access your room and turn your keys in for you once they complete the move-out appointment. 

Can my roommate pack up all of our room during their appointment time?

Yes. If your roommate has agreed to take responsibility for the whole room and all of its contents, he or she can pack up the entire room. They will need to complete this during the four-hour appointment time and will not be given an extension. It is still your responsibility to complete your move-out registration and return your keys. 

Do I need to return my keys at the end of my appointment? 

Yes. Keys should be returned as you or your proxy leaves the building at the end of the appointment time. If your key is not returned, your room will be re-cored and your student account will be charged for the cost of the recore. 

Items in Other Spaces and On Campus

I am returning for an in-person appointment and have items in hall storage. Can they stay there over the summer?

No. All students returning for in-person appointments must retrieve their belongings from the hall storage room.

I have items in an academic building, how will I access them?

Students can contact their department administrators for information on how to retrieve items elsewhere on campus. Items located outside of the residence halls cannot be included in Handled’s services.

I have items in an athletic building, how will I access them?

All athletic facilities, including team spaces and training areas, remain closed until further notice.  Student-athletes must arrange retrieval of personal belongings with the Director of Operations (or designated coaching staff member).  Student-athletes will not be allowed to access athletic facilities.  Storage of student-athlete belongings is not allowed in athletic facilities. Please contact Katie Capps at or 574-631-8393 with any questions.Most athletic teams have made arrangements to prepare your items in your lockers for easy pick up. Please contact Athletics to let them know of your appointment time and they will arrange to get you your box. 

Am I able to access my friend’s room to get my items out during my appointment time?

No, you will only be permitted to access the room to which you are assigned. Any items stored in other student rooms should be retrieved by the student assigned to that room (or his or her designated proxy) during their move-out appointment. 

I have books to return to the bookstore, will they be open?

The University has communicated with the bookstore regarding the move-out appointment process.Please review the bookstore website for their hours and policies:; the cookstore has offered an extension for the return of rental books.

I have books and materials to return to the Library, will they be open?

Library materials, including those from interlibrary loan, ND partner, and St. Joseph County Public Libraries may be returned to the Hesburgh Library Book Drop located at the east side (Library Circle) of the Library. Please follow on-site signage for pedestrian and vehicle traffic routes..

The Book Drop will be available daily 8:30am - 6:00pm beginning on May 22, 2020 and continuing through mid-June. We will have additional collection bins located nearby to accommodate social distancing guidelines. (Please note: The Hesburgh Library building remains closed.) 

Please follow CDC recommendations regarding the use of social distancing, face coverings and hand sanitizer when returning library materials. Details about hours and procedures will be updated on the Library Service Continuity webpage. Questions? Contact for assistance.