Housing Extension Requests

Updates regarding 2021 Commencement will be available at the commencement website, here

Commencement Housing Extensions

Commencement Housing Extensions are considered to students who meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Graduating seniors who currently live on-campus. On-campus graduating seniors are granted extensions automatically and do not need to request an extension to remain in their hall for commencement activities. 
  2. Underclass students who have a brother, sister, or fiancé(e) that is participating in commencement. Housing extensions are not available to cousins, girlfriends/boyfriends, or friends of graduating seniors. The underclass sibling or fiancé(e) should complete the Housing Extension Request form for review.

  3. Underclass students who currently live on-campus and are required to remain on campus in support of official Commencement Weekend activities. Students who fall under this category should NOT complete the Housing Extension form. It is the responsibility of the group administrator (a University staff or faculty member) for the student's department or official campus organization to complete the Housing Extension request form below.

In order for a Housing Extension to be considered, requests must be submitted using the Housing Extension request form below no later than Monday, April 26, 2021. If approved, students will be permitted to remain in their current, on-campus assignment until Monday, May 24, at 12:00 p.m. Please be aware that any violation of University policy during this period, however minor, may result in immediate loss of housing privileges and a referral to the University Conduct Process.

Graduating seniors who have a sibling/fiancé(e) approved for a housing extension will not be granted additional tickets for participation in the Commencement Mass or Commencement Exercises. All University policies for Commencement participation and guests will apply. 

Students who do not meet these criteria and who do not complete the Housing Extension request form by April 26 will not be permitted to remain in their residence hall assignment and will be expected to vacate their room no later than Thursday, May 20, at 2:00 p.m.


Information University Departments and Groups

At this time, Residential Life has not been informed of any University departments or groups approved to remain on campus for Commencement related activities. If and when Residential Life is informed of these approved activities, we will contact the necessary campus partners with instructions for group extension approval. Please contact Leah Kicinski (lkicinsk@nd.edu) with any questions.

Housing Extension and Exit Testing

Residential Life will partner with the COVID Response Unit regarding university protocols regarding COVID-19 Exit Testing for students approved for Housing Extensions. Guidance on Housing Extensions will be at the discretion of Residential Life, the CRU, and the Commencement committee. All timelines and procedures for Spring 2021 Move-Out, including the housing extension process are subject to change based on University protocol and procedures and the current status of COVID-19 on campus and decisions made for Commencement.  Additional information regarding Exit Testing and Move-Out will be updated as it becomes available. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we work to support our students and safe participation in Commencement prior to returning to their home communities and families. Updates to University Policy will be published at the HERE site.

Quarantine and Isolation

Students in quarantine and isolation housing after the residence halls close will be contacted regarding instructions to move out of their residence hall once they are released by the COVID Response Unit. Students in quarantine and isolation at the end of the semester will not need to complete an extension request. Residential Life will coordinate with the CRU.


Content Updated 3.30.2021