Your Residential Life

Inspired by visionaries like Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C., who grounded a Holy Cross education in the formation of the whole person through the concurrent development of the mind and heart, residential life is one of the most distinctive features of a Notre Dame undergraduate experience and unlike any other in American higher education.

At Notre Dame, residential life is designed to form undergraduate communities that are inclusive of all members; dedicated to the intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of each individual; and characterized by a collective sense of care and concern for the common good and service to others. 

Residential Life also offers several housing options to graduate students to assist in sustaining their quality of life outside the classroom and to summer guests to aid in their visit to campus. 



Questions about Residential Life can be directed to or (574) 631-5878.  

Important Dates

Monday, October 15

Spring 2019 housing application open and available for students currently participating in off-campus programs.  Interhall Transfer and Float-for-a-Single requests are also available to students participating in off-campus programs as well as current upperclass residential students.

Sunday, October 28

Spring 2019 housing applications, interhall transfer requests, and float-for-a-single requests are due from students currently abroad as well as upperclass residential students.

Thursday, November 1

Accommodation requests due from current residential students as well as students currently participating in off-campus programs.