The hall rector serves as the primary pastoral leader, chief administrator, community builder, and University resource for 31 single-sex undergraduate halls. This position is responsible for the well-being and development of all residents, including members of Hall Staff, and assists students in the integration of their intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual formation. The current rector cohort includes priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross, women from other religious orders, and single lay women and men. The Rector position is a live-in, full time position, which is 10 months in the undergraduate halls (with new rectors arriving early for orientation and training). The position offers full-time benefits, including a retirement plan, a furnished apartment, and a meal plan.

The rector role can be categorized in four main areas: 

Pastoral Leader

  • Serve as active and visible witness of a committed Christian 
  • Ensure opportunities for vibrant Catholic worship
  • Plan events in observance of the Church’s liturgical calendar 
  • Collaborate with University partners to design opportunities to integrate faith 
  • Establish a “ministry of presence”
  • Connect with residents, especially marginalized or vulnerable students
  • Meet one-on-one with first year students and students planning to study abroad
  • Mediate conflict resolution among residents and with parents 
  • Provide pastoral care and counseling
  • Employ crisis management with students of concern and document
  • Collaborate with student affairs professionals, faculty, staff, and parents
  • Implement discipline consistent with University community standards and document

Chief Administrator

  • Attend regular meetings for ongoing supervision and professional development
  • Recruit, serve as hiring/ manager, train, and develop residential staff
  • Participate in the annual Hall Staff Orientation and Training 
  • Design hall specific orientation and training for Hall Staff 
  • Coach, mentor, and supervise Hall Staff 
  • Serve in a rotation of three Head Staff on duty per residential community
  • Create policies and procedures for the residential community 
  • Oversee stewardship of finances
  • Collaborate on repair/maintenance of the facility and document 
  • Write letters of recommendations for residents

Community Builder

  • Provide opportunities for Hall Staff team bonding/relationship building
  • Conduct regular town hall meetings
  • Establish expectations/opportunities for RAs to conduct regular section meetings 
  • Create opportunities for the rector to interact informally on a regular basis with residents
  • Know all residents by name
  • Develop an in-house orientation program to welcome new students 
  • Reach out in intentional ways to students disconnected from the community
  • Create opportunities to highlight and celebrate the diversity of the residents 
  • Support the development of signature events unique to each community
  • Design programming aimed at integrated development 
  • Collaborate with Priest-­in-­Residence and/or Faculty­-in­-Residence 
  • Attend community programs and University events in which residents participate

University Resource

  • Serve as the liaison for faculty, staff, and parents
  • Acquire and enhance understanding of University structure and resources 
  • Communicate information and make referrals for residents as needed
  • Collaborate with Student Affairs departments and critical University partners
  • Share information with the Deputy Title IX Coordinator and CARE Team as needed
  • Accumulate data and compile reports
  • Serve as a member of annual task groups or on University committees

  • Engage voluntary and/or paid second appointments

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