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Important Dates

  • Tuesday, January 30, 11:00 AM - Housing application available to eligible, current Notre Dame students. This application includes requests for Hall Transfer and Float for Single.

  • Monday, February 12 - All requests for special accommodation are due to the Sara Bea Accessibility Services Office.

  • Monday, March 25, 11:59 PM - Housing application due from eligible, current Notre Dame students. All applications received after this date/time will be considered waitlisted.

Overview - Renewal and Room Picks Process

The renewal and room picks process allows current students the ability to renew their on-campus housing for the upcoming academic year. Every student taking part in this process is assumed to be returning to their current residence hall for the next year, but there are options for students to change their residence hall (see the Hall Transfer and Float for Single processes below). Wherever you decide you would like to live, the renewal and room picks process is the method by which a student must secure their housing for the upcoming year.

Each residence hall has its own traditions and events related to the renewal and room picks process, but broadly speaking there are three steps to the process: application, lottery, and room pick. The application step occurs from January 30 - March 25, 2024, in which students go online to Home Under the Dome to complete their application for on-campus housing. If a student would like to also request to transfer residence halls or float for a single room, they can also request this there no later than March 25. The lottery step happens in the Office of Residential Life, unless your hall has a live lottery event; the Rector will post lottery numbers for all students, which is the order in which students will be able to select their room in the hall for the next year. The room pick step also occurs in the hall; hall staff will host a room pick event or events where students physically select a room and who they want to live with in the hall for the next year. The room pick event(s) will occur between April 4 - April 14, 2024. For more information on your hall's room picks process, please contact your Rector.

How to Apply for On-Campus Housing

Applications for 2024-25 will be available on January 30 at Home Under the Dome and are due by March 25.

Housing Application Process

Current students are asked to answer several items as a part of the housing application:

  • Update contact information

  • Update emergency contact information

  • Sign the housing contract

Requests for Special Accommodation

Students who are in need of special housing accommodations must be in communication with Sara Bea Accessibility Services regarding these requests. All requests must be submitted by February 12 to Sara Bea in order to be considered for room picks. Sara Bea will communicate with the Office of Residential Life regarding students who need accommodations prior to lottery numbers being released in the halls.

Waitlist Applications

The housing application period for room picks closes on March 25 at 11:59 p.m. Any housing application received after this date and time will be considered a waitlisted housing application. These students will not be included in the spring room picks process. Waitlisted students who are required to live on-campus will be assigned to any remaining space on-campus after room picks by the Office of Residential Life.

Cancelled Applications

If a student has applied for on-campus housing but would like to cancel their application (and is eligible to cancel under the residency requirement), the student must cancel their application online at Home Under the Dome.  To cancel a submitted housing application, login to Home Under the Dome, select the "2024-25 Academic Year" tab, select the completed "2024-25 Residence Halls" application, and then click the cancellation option within the application. There is a $500 cancellation fee assessed for all applications canceled after submission, unless:

  • The student has not been assigned a room by the Office of Residential Life

  • The student has not selected a room in the room picks process

  • The student is separating, taking a leave of absence, or receiving remote learning accommodation from the University

On-Campus Residency Requirement

Notre Dame students are required to live on-campus for six semesters. Study abroad in a Notre Dame program automatically counts toward those six semesters. Students who transfer into the University receive credit toward the residency requirement based on their class level upon entry to the University (i.e. entering sophomores receive two semesters credit; entering juniors receive four semesters credit). The University affirms the value of in-person community-style residential living as an essential component of the holistic formation of a Notre Dame education and expects that all required students will live on campus in Fall 2024.

To this end, students who are required to live on-campus will be placed in an on-campus room and billed for this space for the 2024-25 academic year. If a student who is required to live on-campus does not complete a housing application by March 25, they will not be permitted to participate in their hall's room pick process and will be assigned by the Office of Residential Life to available space after campus room picks are completed. These students will be notified of their housing assignment prior to the end of the spring semester. Students must complete and sign a housing contract to properly check in to their on-campus room reservation.

Exemptions from the Residency Requirement

Given the importance the University has placed on residential experience, exemptions to living on campus in our residential communities are very rare. The University affirms the value of in-person community-style residential living as an essential component of the holistic formation of a Notre Dame education and expects that all required students will live on campus. The University’s policy of meeting full demonstrated financial need of each undergraduate mitigates most financial considerations for an Exemption. Additionally, personal or family ownership of local lodging does not constitute reason for an Exemption. Finally, per the housing accommodation process, students seeking reasonable housing accommodations must register and apply through Sara Bea Accessibility Services.

Students may submit their request for consideration to the Exemption Review Board. A link to access the ERB process is located online at, available January 30 through February 12, 2024. These requests will be reviewed during the spring with decisions available by the end of March. A second round of requests will be available beginning February 13 through July 7, 2024. These requests will be reviewed after the deadline with decisions release by the end of July. Late applications will not be accepted. Please contact the Office of Residential Life with any questions on submitting a request via the ERB process.

The ERB consists of staff from the Residential Life leadership team and partners from the Division of Student Affairs with specialized training in diversity and inclusion, physical and mental health, and Title IX (i.e., sexual harassment and sexual violence, including sexual misconduct and sexual assault). Understanding that the reasons some students might apply for an Exemption could be personal and sensitive in nature, the ERB will conduct blind reviews, (i.e., removing students’ names from the requests), thereby allowing students to maintain some level of confidentiality during the process.

Residential Life will keep information students share private to the greatest extent possible. However, University employees involved in the Exemption review process have an obligation to report information about any suspected or potential violations of the University’s discriminatory and/or sexual harassment policies to ensure incidents are addressed in accordance with University procedures. Discriminatory and/or sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to sexual assault, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and conduct that creates a hostile environment. Students may speak to someone confidentially by contacting vowed religious in Campus Ministry or the University Counseling Center at 574-631-7336. For more information, please visit

Applications for the exemption processes occur twice annually during the Residential Life room selection processes. If an exemption is granted, it is valid for the duration of the academic year stated on the housing application and must be renewed each year.

Hall Transfer Requests

The University believes the residential experience is an essential component of a Notre Dame undergraduate education. First-year students are randomly assigned to residence halls and assigned to live with at least one roommate to develop a sense of responsibility and to cultivate a capacity to live with people of all backgrounds. Yet, the University recognizes students may develop other points of connection on campus or sometimes feel that they are not fully flourishing in the community to which they were initially assigned. Any undergraduate students in the latter circumstance are particularly encouraged to reach out to their hall staff who can assist with concerns related to their experience of living in community in the residence halls.

Once a student has applied for on-campus housing, they will have access to the Hall Transfer/Float-for-Single Request Form online at A student must apply for on-campus housing to request hall transfer. After the request period closes, Rectors will receive lists of students participating in the Hall Transfer process. Each Rector will then review applications for their hall and will determine whether or not a request will be granted in consultation with the Residential Life leadership team. These decisions will be made based upon anticipated space in the hall and occupancy numbers. Unfortunately, we may be unable to meet all requests submitted and Hall Transfer requests are not guaranteed.

There are two rounds of Hall Transfer requests, which allows for students to submit another request if their first request is denied.  Round 1 requests may be submitted online between January 30 through February 12. Decisions will be released on February 20. Round 2 requests may be submitted online between February 20-22. Decisions will be released on February 28.

Upon approval, students will be required to participate in room picks in their new hall community. Students switching halls will receive lottery numbers at the end of the selection order. Unless they are "pulled in" by a future roommate ahead of them in the lottery list, they will choose a room after all current students in the hall have selected their rooms. Please note: The lottery number of students who are "pulling" students into their halls will not be impacted.

Once a request for hall transfer has been approved, the request cannot be cancelled. Students may not submit requests for both Hall Transfer and Float for Single; these requests are mutually exclusive. Students whose requests are not granted and who did not also indicate a willingness to transfer to any available hall will be returned to their original hall's room picks process. Late requests for hall transfer will not be accepted.

Hall Transfer to the New Men’s Hall on East Quad

Beginning in the 2024-25 academic year, a new men’s hall will open on East Quad of Notre Dame’s campus and serve as the new home for the current Pangborn Hall community. Located on East Quad, the new men’s hall will feature a distinctive archway through the first floor as well as many of the amenities that make a residence hall at Notre Dame a distinctive housing experience such as a variety of room types, a hall chapel, Rector and hall staff, and common area lounges, kitchens, and study spaces. This new men’s hall will join Johnson Family, Dunne, and Flaherty Halls on East Quad.

Undergraduate men interested in joining this community for the 2024-25 academic year should apply via the Hall Transfer Request Form online at between Tuesday, January 30 - Monday, February 12, 2024. A second round of requests will be received from Tuesday, February 20 - Sunday, February 25. Requests will be reviewed and selected on variety of factors, such as current hall and class level, to ensure a broad representation of campus in the new community. On the request form, students will also be able to indicate up to five other undergraduate men with whom they would like to live in community with at the new hall. This will not guarantee placement together or near each other (which is determined during the room picks process) but instead ensures that students will have existing relationships with other students in this new community. Students who requested in round 1 will learn the status of their request by February 20. Students who requested in round 2 will learn the status of their request by March 1.

Float for Single Requests

The Float for Single process allows students to remove themselves from their hall's room picks process to request a single room located anywhere on-campus for the 2024-25 academic year. In this process, students are not able to specify a hall. On February 16, students who have requested to Float for Single will receive a lottery number that is specific to this process. The float lottery number determines the order in which students are assigned when/if a single room becomes available. Lottery numbers will be segmented based upon class year (i.e. rising seniors, rising juniors, and then rising sophomores).

Submitting a request to float for a single room in no way guarantees nor implies availability of a single room assignment. The Office of Residential Life is unable to predict the exact number or timing of rooms available for these assignments.

Float for Single assignments are not made until after the room picks process is completed and special accommodations are made. Students requesting to Float for Single will receive notification of their assignment beginning in early May. Students who are not assigned a single room by late April will remain on the float lottery list throughout the summer and will be assigned into singles when (and if) space becomes available. Applicants who are not assigned a single room by mid-July will be assigned to a space in a multi-occupancy room (with roommates) in any hall over the summer. The assignment will be based upon space available at the time of the assignment and no specific building is guaranteed. While we attempt to find space in the original hall community, it is not guaranteed.

Applicants may cancel their Float for Single request through March 25 by emailing the Office of Residential Life. If a student cancels their request to Float for Single, they will be placed back into their hall's regular room pick lottery. After March 25, applicants cannot retract their Float for Single request, they must remain in the Float process, and they will not participate in hall room picks.

Students may not submit a request to Float for Single and a request for Hall Transfer; these are mutually exclusive applications. This request process will be available until March 25 at 11:59 p.m. as a part of the online housing application; late requests to float for a single will not be accepted.

Room Picks Information

Each residence hall has its own traditions and events related to selecting a room for next year. Your Rector will have information and how, when, and where room picks will occur for your hall community.

Lottery Numbers

  1. Lottery numbers for in-hall room picks will be released to students seven (7) non-break days prior to room selection night(s).

  2. Lottery numbers will be segmented based upon class year (i.e. rising seniors, rising juniors, and then rising sophomores). The classification will be determined based upon years enrolled in a University, not the number of credit hours accumulated by a student. For example, a student who enters the University with the first-year class but has enough credits to be considered a sophomore, will select their room with the first-year class. Some exceptions may apply.

  3. In rare instances where a lottery number needs to be adjusted, Rectors will submit a request through an approval process. For clarification, please consult with your Rector.

Information for Students Participating in ND-Sponsored Off-Campus Programs

Students currently studying in a Notre Dame sponsored off-campus program who are returning for the Fall semester need to complete the 2024-25 housing application. Please be in contact with your Rector to coordinate how you will select a room for next year during your hall's room picks.

Students currently on-campus who are studying abroad through a Notre Dame sponsored program in the Fall semester WILL NOT complete the 2024-25 housing application. You will receive information via email during the Fall semester about applying for on-campus housing for the Spring semester only.

Students currently on-campus who will be on-campus in the Fall, but are studying abroad in Spring 2025 need to complete the 2024-25 housing application. During the Fall, the Office of Residential Life will receive a list of students studying abroad through a Notre Dame sponsored program in the Spring and will release your Spring assignment with no cancellation fee.

Information for Fifth Year Students

Fifth year undergraduate students, including those in five-year Notre Dame programs such as in the School of Architecture or Reilly dual degree program, are not eligible to participate in residence hall room picks. If fifth year students who have completed four years of a five year Notre Dame undergraduate program (Architecture or Reilly) would like to live in on-campus residence halls, they have three options.  First, they are welcome and encouraged to complete a waitlist housing application. The waitlist housing application for the fall semester is typically available in April with a priority submission deadline of late June or early July. Second, these students are also welcome to apply for Resident Assistant positions in the undergraduate residence halls. To learn more information about the hiring timeline and process, please visit our Student Employment webpage on the Resident Assistant position. Finally, unlike other undergraduate students, these fifth year students are eligible to reside in Fischer Graduate Residences, which are two-bedroom apartments located on-campus and managed by Bradley Company. To apply to live in the Fischer Graduate Residences, please complete the Bradley Company "Contact Us" form to submit your inquiry.