Room Information and Policies

Residence Hall Quads

Residence halls are commonly categorized by their location on campus. The five housing quadrangles are as follows:

East Quad: Dunne Hall, Flaherty Hall
God Quad: Lewis Hall, St. Edward's Hall, Sorin Hall, Walsh Hall
North Quad: Breen-Phillips Hall, Cavanaugh Hall, Farley Hall, Keenan Hall, Stanford Hall, Zahm Hall
Mod Quad: Knott Hall, Pasquerilla East Hall, Pasquerilla West Hall, Siegfried Hall
South Quad: Alumni Hall, Badin Hall, Carroll Hall, Dillon Hall, Fisher Hall, Howard Hall, Lyons Hall, Morrissey Hall
West Quad: Baumer Hall, Duncan Hall, Keough Hall, McGlinn Hall, O'Neill Family Hall, Ryan Hall, Welsh Family Hall

Room Types

After receiving housing assignments, students new to the Notre Dame community often ask what a "suite" or "quad" is. While most residence halls have different layouts and configurations, common terminology can help students better understand room types. Below please find descriptions of the most common types of rooms on campus.

  • Single: One room for one student
  • Double - 1 Room: One room shared by two students
  • Double - 2 Room: Two room suite (typically a common room and a bedroom) shared by two students
  • Triple - 1 Room: One room shared by three students
  • Triple - 2 Room: Two room suite (typically a common room and a bedroom) shared by three students
  • Quad - 1 Room: One room shared by four students
  • Quad - 2 Room: Two room suite (typically a common room and a bedroom) shared by four students
  • Quad - 3 Room: Three room suite (typically a common room and two bedrooms) shared by four students
  • Quint: One room shared by five students

There are also a very limited number of 5-person and 6-person room configurations. 

Part of the unique character of many of the halls is that room dimensions differ for every room; because of this we are unable to provide room dimensions.  

Room Furnishings

All residence halls, with the exception of Sorin Hall and parts of Lewis Hall are furnished with the Modular Furniture System. Modular furniture is designed to provide a variety of configurations based upon the room size and residents' preferences, while also ensuring students' safety and sound construction of the furniture. The standard modular furniture provided for each student on campus includes an extra-long twin bed frame and 80" mattress (which can be lofted, bunked, or separated), desk and chair, and closet/wardrobe. Ladders are available for beds that are lofted. Please note that not all modular furniture looks the same. Students in Sorin and Lewis not using modular furniture will also receive a twin bed frame and mattress, desk and chair, and closet/wardrobe, although specific dimensions and appearances may vary between halls and rooms. 

Residents of Sorin Hall may be permitted to construct elevated bed structures. If a student lives in Sorin Hall and is considering constructing an elevated bed, it is recommended the student review the Elevated Bed Policy found within du Lac and speak with hall staff to complete an Elevated Bed Agreement.

All furniture provided in a room must stay in the room.

Computers and Telephone Service

Students are welcome to bring their own computers or laptops from home; however, not all students bring personal computers. Students have access to 16 computer clusters on campus with over 500 computers available for use. Most clusters are open from 8 a.m. until 2 a.m. while classes are in session.

Every residence hall room has an ethernet jack for residents to connect their computers into the University's network. All students are provided Shared File Space on the University's server. Shared File Space allows students to save information to the server and access computer files from across campus (in computer clusters, classrooms, and residence halls).

Telephone Service
Residents have the option of purchasing "Opt-in Phone Service" within the first four weeks of the semester. If you choose this option, you must provide your own phone, provided it is not a 2.4 GHz cordless phone (this frequency will disrupt the University's wireless network). To make long-distance phone calls, you can use a prepaid calling card or your own long distance plan if you purchased the "Opt-in Phone Service." Additional information regarding phone service can be found here.

Personal Property Insurance

The University assumes no financial responsibility for damage to or loss of personal property on behalf of students. Personal property insurance coverage is recommended for all students. If a student’s possessions are not covered by his or her parents’ personal property insurance policy, he or she may check with any general insurance agency for details of securing such insurance.

The University has established an insurance program through Palmer Student Programs and Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. to provide coverage for student personal property. Learn more and apply online for insurance here

Room Condition and Damages

When arriving in the hall, each student has the ability to record the presence of furniture and the condition of the room surfaces via an online Room Condition Report accessible through Home Under the Dome. Each student is individually responsible for the furniture, equipment, and general condition of the room. If a student fails to leave the room and its furnishings in the same general condition, appropriate charges will be assessed against the student’s account.
Students should report any necessary maintenance issues or room repairs to hall staff.
Students should avoid the use of Scotch tape on walls because it has a tendency to damage paint and other surfaces when removed. Residence hall staff may have and communicate specific policies regarding what adhesives may be used on walls based on specific types of wall surfaces. Charges will be assessed on the student’s account whenever damage to the room occurs because of the use of tape, adhesive picture holders, thumbtacks, nails, or decals.

Mail and Shipping Information

To send mail and packages to residents, please use the following address format:


Room [###]
100 [Hall Name] 
Notre Dame, IN 46556 - [Hall 4-digit Zip]

To expedite shipping, please use the following ZIP+4 extensions:

Men's Halls
Women's Halls
Alumni Hall 5603   Badin Hall 5604
Baumer Hall 1303   Breen-Phillips Hall 5605
Carroll Hall 5606   Cavanaugh Hall 5607
Dillon Hall 5608   Farley Hall 5609
Duncan Hall 4631   Flaherty Hall 5712
Dunne Hall 5711   Howard Hall 5614
Fisher Hall 5610   Lewis Hall 5616
Keenan Hall 5615   Lyons Hall 5617
Keough Hall 5656   McGlinn Hall 5650
Knott Hall 5633   Pangborn Hall 5620
Morrissey Hall 5618   Pasquerilla East Hall 5621
O'Neill Family Hall 5657   Pasquerilla West Hall 5622
St. Edward's Hall 5623   Ryan Hall 4641
Siegfried Hall 5634   Walsh Hall 5627
Sorin Hall 5625   Welsh Family Hall 5655
Stanford Hall 5626      
Zahm Hall 5628      

Housing Contracts