FAQs for New Residents


New members of the Notre Dame family always have similar questions about hall life. Below is a list of some of the most popular questions with answers in one convenient location. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please reach out to us at ResidentialLife@nd.edu.

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Housing at Notre Dame

About My Room

What is the bed mattress size?

Mattresses are XL Twin (36” x 80”). Students who are over 6’7” tall may request a XXL Twin mattress and frame for their room. These students should email Residential Life at ResidentialLife@nd.edu.

What furniture is provided in my room?

Please visit our section on Room Furnishings.

What should I bring to my room?

Visit this What to Bring list online.

How big is my room?

Room sizes vary by hall and room type. To learn more about room types in ND residence halls, please visit our Room Types section on our website.

Where is my room located in the hall? Do you have a floor plan for the hall?

Residential Life has floor plans available on our website, where you can look up your hall and view PDF floor plans. You will need your Notre Dame netID and password to view this webpage.

Do you have pictures of my room or similar rooms in my hall?

Unfortunately, we don’t have photos available of your room or hall.  You can view basic information about your hall on our website, such as location, size, and history.

How much room is under the bed?

This will depend on the furniture in your specific room and hall. We recommend that you wait until you arrive on move-in day in August to make any purchases for storage under your bed.

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About My Hall

Are there kitchens in the hall? Where?

Each hall has at least one kitchen located in the building. The location of the kitchen depends on each hall. If you’d like to locate the kitchen in your hall, visit our Hall Floor Plans webpage (Notre Dame netID and password required) to find yours.

Do you have pictures of the hall community spaces?

Unfortunately, we don’t have photos available of your room or hall.  You can view basic information about your hall on our website, such as location, size, and history.

Are there workout facilities in my hall? Where?

Many halls have small workout rooms in the hall with a limited amount of equipment and space. These spaces are not typically identified on the Hall Floor Plan webpage. Your Rector will be able to tell you if your hall has a workout room, what amenities it has, and when it is typically available.

The Smith Center for Recreational Sports, located in the Duncan Student Center, is also available to students on-campus and has many workout spaces and equipment for students to use.

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About My Housing

How do I contact my roommate(s)?

You can find your roommate(s) contact information online at homeunderthedome.nd.edu once your housing assignment information has been released to you. You will receive an email to your Notre Dame email account once your housing assignment and roommate information is available.

What’s my mailing address?

Please review our guidelines for mailing and shipping to your room, which can be found online at this link.

Can I ship items to my hall/room early?

Unfortunately not.  We are not able to accept your packages/items until you are officially checked in on-campus. To learn more about shipping and mail, please visit our website.

How does mail work in the residence halls?

Students are assigned mailboxes in their residence hall to receive mail from the United States Postal Service and Campus Mail Distribution Services. A full-service United States Post Office is located in Hammes Mowbray Hall. To send mail and packages to residents once the academic year begins, please use the address format guidelines found on this page. Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and DHL delivery drivers are permitted to enter the halls during select times to drop packages directly at residents' doors.  All USPS mail and packages are delivered to the hall's mail room.  Students should contact their Rector or hall mail clerk for more information.

Are there any COVID-related policies or information I should be aware of?

Please monitor your email and refer to covid.nd.edu for any updates on the University's approach to COVID-19 related protocols.

How do I cancel my housing?

All new students are required to live on-campus for their first six semesters. If you are no longer enrolling at Notre Dame, or are separating from the University, you can cancel your on-campus housing by emailing the Office of Residential Life at ResidentialLife@nd.edu.

New transfer students may opt out of on-campus housing to live off-campus for the 2022-23 academic year by contacting the Office of Residential Life at ResidentialLife@nd.edu. Please be aware that new transfer students for the 2022-23 academic year will be required to live on-campus for the 2023-24 academic year and will be incorporated into the room picks process that occurs in Spring 2023.

How do I get a room change?

New students may not request a room change during their first year.  Residence halls are a “point of entry” for introduction into the broader University culture, and new students (all of whom will receive an on-campus assignment) are required to live on campus in residence halls with at least one randomly assigned roommate, and are not permitted to change roommates or transfer halls during their first year. This practice encourages new students to develop a shared sense of responsibility and to cultivate a capacity to live with people of all backgrounds. It also helps students to develop points of connection within their residence hall; to utilize support, help, and resources for themselves and others by consulting with hall staff; to resolve differences; to demonstrate ownership and accountability for their behavior; and to grow as active participants in Christian community. Students with accommodation needs, however, can receive consideration in their housing assignment as it relates to their approved accommodation (learn more in the "Requests for Special Accommodation" section).

How can I receive medical accommodation for my housing?

Students with medical need for a specific housing accommodation may submit a request to the Sara Bea Office of Accessibility Services. If approved, this office will coordinate with Residential Life to meet this accommodation if space is available.

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About the Campus

What are the dining plans like?  How do they work?  Where are the dining halls located?

Dining Services is your best contact for all things dining! You can learn more about your dining plan, dining services, and dining hall locations/hours online at dining.nd.edu.

Can I bring a car? Where can I park it?

According to University policy, first-year students living on-campus may not possess or rent an automobile or any other motor-driven vehicle for use while in attendance at the University, unless authorized to do so by the Office of Student Affairs. Students can apply for a waiver to have a vehicle on-campus their second semester. You can view this University policy onlineThe Notre Dame Police Department is the best source of information about on-campus parking. Please visit their website for more information.

Can I bring a bike? Where can I park it?  How does storage work during the breaks?

The Notre Dame Police Department is the best source of information about bicycles on-campus. Please visit their website for more information.

What do I need to do for Welcome Weekend?

Please visit the Welcome Weekend website to learn more about the schedule of events and more!

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