What to Bring to Campus

As you plan your arrival to the University of Notre Dame, we ask that you consider the following recommendations. Please limit the items you bring to essential items only. This will ensure a safe and smooth move-in process for the entire community, and simplify the move-out process at the end of the academic year. Discuss with your roommates items that could be shared and that you may not need all the items on this list. Students traveling from abroad can consider purchasing many of these items locally once they arrive. While you may ship items to campus, they must arrive after you check into your residence hall, more information regarding shipping items is listed at the end of this page.

Please be mindful of the prohibited items list and review the information provided in du Lac: A Guide to Student Life, a central resources for information for students enrolled at the University of Notre Dame. Reviewing the information below ensures an efficient and safe move-in day for your residence hall community.

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Personal Supplies

  • Bedding
    • Extra-long Twin Bed Sheets
    • Pillows and Pillow Cases
    • Comforter or Blankets
  • Shower/Bath
    • Towels
    • Shower Caddy
    • Shower Shoes/Sandals
  • Clothing
    • Pack clothing that you need for the semester, if you travel home during university breaks you can switch your wardrobe to accommodate the changing seasons.
    • Students traveling from abroad or warmer climates can consider purchasing winter clothing locally, you will likely find a better variety to meet the needs of South Bend winter.
  • Technology
  • Personal Supplies
    • Laundry Supplies
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Personal Hygiene Items
    • Prescription Medication/Eyeglasses
    • Organizational Items
    • Personal Mementos from Home
  • Documentation

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Things to Share with Roommates

Not all students will bring these items to campus, consider your needs and budget and make a choice that is right for you. Before purchasing items from this list, consider coordinating with your roommates. As you reach out to introduce yourself to your new roommate, please remain especially aware of the ways your new roommate may differ from you.

  • Mini-fridge (less than 5 cubic feet)
  • Carpet/Area Rug (5' x 9')
  • Furniture/Futon
  • Television/Speaker
  • Decorative Items

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Prohibited Items

  • Large Refrigerators, exceeding 5.0 cubic feet
  • High Wattage Appliances including:
    • Microwave
    • Hot Plates (coffee makers and electric kettles with a UL certification are permitted)
    • Toasters, Tabletop Grills, Broilers, Rotisseries, Rice Cookers
    • Air Conditioner, including dual purpose fan/ac units, Ceiling Fans
  • Nails, Thumb Tacks, Adhesive Squares, Poster Putty, Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, "3M Style" hooks and adhesive, 
    • Many students will choose to hang pictures, posters, etc. on the walls of the residence hall rooms. Items such as these may cause damage to the walls. Damage to the walls will be billed to the students account at the end of the year.
  • Candles, Incense, and any items with an open flame
  • Halogen Lamps with bulbs over 300 watts
  • Electronic Skateboards or "Hoverboards"
  • First year students may not have vehicles during their first semester.

It is also important that students review du Lac: A Guide to Student Life; Housing Policies for Undergraduate Residential Communities

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University Provided Furnishings

All residence halls, with the exception of St. Edward's Hall, are furnished with the Modular Furniture System. Modular furniture is designed to provide a variety of configurations based upon the room size and residents' preferences, while also ensuring students' safety and sound construction of the furniture. The standard modular furniture provided for each student on campus includes an extra-long twin bed frame and mattress (which can be lofted, bunked, or separated), desk and chair, and closet/wardrobe. Some halls feature built-in closets and wardrobes in lieu of a modular wardrobe. Please note that not all modular furniture looks the same. Students in St. Edwards Hall will also receive a twin bed frame and mattress, desk and chair, and closet/wardrobe, although specific dimensions and appearances may vary between rooms.

All furniture provided in a room must stay in the room.

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Other Tips

  • Label boxes and items with your name, hall, and room number. On fall first year move-in day, we often have limited volunteers to assist students, labeling items will ensure items get to the right spot in your hall. 
  • There is often less space than you expect in your residence hall room; bring items you are sure you will need. 
  • Some residence halls do not have an elevator. Most halls provide carts to assist move-in and are shared among all students.
  • During move-in your time vehicles at the hall are limited to unloading only and should not exceed 30 minutes. You may be asked to unload items on the curb, and then make trips to your room. We kindly ask that the driver stay with the vehicle while it is being unloaded at the hall. There is no parking at the hall during move-in days. 
  • If you make trips to the store after your move-in time, you will be asked to park in a perimeter parking lot and will need to walk to your hall with your additional items.
  • Move-in day is exciting, but sometimes stressful. We appreciate your patience with our move-in staff and volunteers as we want to provide you with a safe and efficient process. Don't forget to have patience with yourself, your family and your guests as you all begin something new. 

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Shipping Items to Campus

Many families choose to ship items to campus, please know that these items must arrive after you check-in to the residence hall. Packages that arrive earlier than your arrival will not be accepted. 

To send mail and packages, please follow the guidelines from Mail Distribution provided on this link

  • Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and DHL delivery drivers are permitted to enter the halls during select times to drop packages directly at residents' doors.
  • All USPS mail and packages are delivered to the hall's mail room.  Students should contact their Rector or hall mail clerk for more information.

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