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Residential Life Student Assistant

Office of Residential Life Student Office Assistants are integral components of the University's residence hall program as administered by the Office of Residential Life. Student Office Assistants assume responsibilities which underscore the important role of residential life in the educational experience of students at the University of Notre Dame. A Student Office Assistant has contact with University students, faculty, staff, parents, and guests. They serve as liaisons and resource persons. Student Office Assistants are regarded as University representatives. Therefore, they should conduct themselves in an honest, conscientious, and professional manner. They are expected to support and personally abide by all University and Office of Residential Life policies as outlined in du Lac and to maintain complete confidentiality. In addition, Student Office Assistants are expected to support and promote the Catholic mission of the University.  To learn more, please read the the position description.

Hall Employee

Hall Employees are an important part of a Residential Communities every day function. Each hall has a variety of unique opportunities and roles to serve their community. These opportunities include jobs such as hall clerk, hall steward, mail clerk, or food sales. In order to learn more about the employment opportunity in your residence hall, reach out to your rector for more information.

Summer Employee

There are a variety of summer employment positions available through Residential Life.  Please visit our Summer Employment page to learn more!