Summer Conference and Community Assistants - Information

Information on Recruitment, Application, Interview and Selection Process for Summer Hall Staff 2024

Summer CA Position Descriptions

Click this link to view the full Position Description, including qualifications and compensation information: Summer CA Position Description

Priority will be granted to interested candidates who have completed the application by Wednesday, March 6, 2024, and an interview completed with the Office of Residential Life by Friday, March 15, 2024. Preferred candidates would be available to work after Finals Week of the 2024 Spring Semester (beginning with Summer Hall Staff Training during Commencement Week) until the Tuesday of 2024 Fall Move-In Week (the conclusion of Preseason Housing). Start Date: Tue, 14 May 2024 | End Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2024

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of Summer Hall Staff for the 2024 Summer Housing Operation. This application is for the dual role of a Summer CA - which can either be a Community Assistant or a Conference Assistant.

Students in a summer hall staff position will have the opportunity to strengthen the following skills: critical thinking and problem solving, verbal and written communication, ethical conduct and professionalism, diverse and intercultural fluency, leadership and innovation. Skills and experiences are applicable to leadership positions in your residence halls at Notre Dame.

Community Assistants (CA) 

This role is most akin to the academic year Resident Assistant (RA) role, including serving on duty and in an on-call rotation. This role will also be expected to host programming for its residences, typically in the evening or late-night. This role will maintain regular office/desk hours, and will do rounds throughout the night in pastoral care to our residents.

Conference Assistants (CA)

This role has fewer typical duties, as the expectations change based on the timing and needs of our visiting conferences and programs. This role includes a duty rotation, but will have irregular hours for guest checkin/out. This role will not host programming, but will be expected to welcome guests to Notre Dame with the same pastoral care provided to campus residents. This role may include additional administrative tasks as needed in the hall.

General Overview:

The entire process will remain open until all positions are filled. Availability of interview slots after March 15, 2024 will be determined on the need for positions to be filled if the candidate pool is not efficient enough to do so. In an effort to give those interested in future leadership role within Residential Life, prior to their eligibility to become a Resident Assistant in their hall community, we encourage folks to consider an experience as a part of a Summer Hall Staff as a Summer CA at least once during their undergraduate tenure at Notre Dame. If you are are rising sophomore or junior, consider taking one of your summers to be a member of Summer Hall Staff!

Recruitment Process:

The recruitment process will run its course until all positions for Summer Hall Staff are filled. Please feel free to explore the position description, talk with former Summer Hall Staff in your hall, or speak with your Rector of how this could be beneficial in your quest for a future, significant leadership position in your hall community!

Application Process:

An application must be completed through to be an official candidate in the process. If you do not have access to the application, the you are not eligible to apply or be considered for the position of Summer CA. 

Interview and Selection Process:

The intention is to conduct individual interviews with priority candidates who meet the criteria as a Summer CA in Summer Hall Staff. As a candidate with a completed application, we will communicate to you information about the interview and selection process timelines. Depending on circumstances, the format of the interview is subject to change. Please come in with an expectation that interviews will be conducted in person. Interviews will be conducted with the Assistant Director of Residential Education. Offers will be made who best meet the criteria, and meet the basic requirements and expectations of the position. Tentatively, those offers will go out around Spring Break, with a specific window of time to accept the offer for a Summer Hall Staff position. If a candidate declines, or does not accept an offer within the timeframe, the offer will be rescinded and presented to an alternate candidate in the priority applicant pool, so long as the alternate meets basic requirements and expectations of the position. 

Start and End Dates:

Again, we are seeking ideal candidates who will be available beginning from Senior Week in May (beginning with training on May 14th) until the end of the summer housing operation in their assigned hall (possibly as late as August 20, 2024).

May Preparation through Alumni Reunion Weekend

The month of May through Alumni Reunion Weekend (May 30-June 2, 2024) will be the most critical that all hands are on deck to be available, especially with preparation for several halls to welcome alumni and guests plus several summer groups and operations arriving that weekend and beyond. This is our top criteria in the decision process.

Preseason Housing (End of Summer Housing Through Fall Move-In Week)

Preferred candidates would be those willing to stay additionally until Fall 2024 Move-In Week, assisting with Preseason Housing. Preseason Housing is an optional work period; we will take those who are interested. Those who are not, you will have to completely move out of your residence hall at the end of your hall’s summer operation, when your duties as a Summer CA are completed. You will only be permitted to move back in during Move-In Week.

General Summer Operations:

If you are curious what a general summer operation would look like, please see below a general sense of the summer housing operation:

The Summer Housing Operation Staff begin the Monday of Senior Week and concludes on the first day of Move-In for the upcoming fall semester. Here is a snapshot of the typical duties of Summer Hall Staff and the flow of summer.

Post-Spring Commencement Weekend - Alumni Reunion Weekend (mid-May to June)

Summer Hall Staff duties will begin immediately following Commencement Weekend. Summer Hall Staff should expect required training of hall basics during Senior Week with hall preparation beginning during Senior Week. Additional training sessions will occur as needed that cover skill sets related to summer community policies and building of community. Focus of preparation is on designated undergraduate and graduate residence halls. Some early adult conferences would be happening within graduate residence halls. All other halls will be in preparation mode of Alumni Reunion Weekend. Basic duties of Summer Hall Staff include, but not limited to: check-ins, checkouts, evening duty coverage, special daytime desk coverage, and summer facility preparation as it relates to the residence halls. This is the busiest time of the summer with the transition from the end of the spring semester to early June. 

Post-Alumni Reunion Weekend - End of Summer Session (June and July)

After Reunion Weekend, summer hall staff duties will continue in the nature of transitions of groups (check-ins and checkouts), evening duty coverage, and facility attention. In our residence halls designated for adult conference guests, sports camps, and non-academic high school participants, set halls will be occupied in June (but not July), the remaining halls will be unoccupied in June (but occupied in July). These sessions of downtime with no occupancy allow for major maintenance and cleaning projects to occur in the residence halls. Even with no occupancy, summer hall staff will continue assisting with facility related attention and special projects designated by the Office of Residential Life. A more consistent pace sets forth for the remainder of summer after the Alumni Reunion, which allows for a little more downtime for staff development, and general enjoyment of the summer offerings in the area of Notre Dame, South Bend, and Michiana for students that they don't normally get during the academic year.

Preseason Housing (Mid-July - August - Move-In)

The shift to Preseason Housing begins with the undergraduate halls closing in late July. Preseason Halls are designated for on-campus early arrival groups that are required to be on-campus for specific fall semester preparations. These students are residents slated to be in the halls for the Fall Semester. Summer Hall Staff are encouraged to stay on for summer work in Preseason Housing, whether your assigned hall is designated a Preseason Hall or not. Halls not designated for Preseason Housing will begin to close down summer housing operations around August 1st. All Summer Hall Staff will assist with end-of summer transitions for their assigned hall, especially facility preparation, prior to departing from summer housing. Only those Summer Hall Staff members who are committed to working for Residential Life, specifically Preseason Housing, will be permitted to stay on-campus in the halls. Those Summer Hall Staff members ending their work, and not continuing work with Residential Life in Preseason Housing will have to completely move-out, and only can move back in during their designated move-in timeframe during Move-In Week. For Summer Hall Staff working Preseason Housing, but not residing in designated Preseason Halls, your evening duty rotation will consist of being present in the hall of your assigned shift and staying overnight in a temporary room until the next morning. Summer Hall Staff in Preseason Housing will until the Tuesday evening of Move-In Week. All staff will assist in the final check-out and transition process on that Tuesday, prior to handing off the reigns to the academic year hall staff. The Summer Housing Operation officially ends on the Tuesday evening of Move-in Week. 

Additional: Office of Residential Life Central Office Support (Monday following Spring Commencement through August Move-In)

Students within the position of Student Office Assistants will support summer operations in the main office of Residential Life, located on the 2nd Floor of Duncan Student Center. This role works specifically with the Senior Administrative Assistant, Coordinators of Residential Life for Housing Operations, Program Coordinators, Assistant Directors and Directors of Residential Life. There may be opportunity for Summer CAs to participate in a rotation to assist with work and desk coverage in our main office in Duncan Student Center as needed, and as a part of a special project and program to recruit potential student workers for the following academic year.