Summer Student Housing

Facts And Figures

Apply for Summer Housing

For Summer 2021: The Summer Housing Application will open on Friday, April 30, 2021.

The University has a limited amount of residence hall space available for undergraduate and graduate students during the summer. To qualify for on-campus summer housing, a student must be enrolled in Summer Session. Please also see the announcement regarding the upcoming Summer 2021 On-Campus Operation, found here, to see if you are eligible. 

If you are admitted and confirmed as a summer session student and have an active Notre Dame email address, you are considered eligible to apply for housing. Instructions to apply are listed below. All summer housing emails will be sent directly to your Notre Dame email address only.

Steps to Create Your Summer Housing Application
You can create your Summer Session Application at anytime by logging on to Home Under the Dome and clicking the summer application that applies to you.

Group Summer Housing Requests and Assignments
Several departments and summer programs submit requests during the fall semester to reserve rooms for specific summer programs (REUs, ACE Graduate Programs, Echo, Summer Student Athletes, etc.) that take place on campus during the summer. Please check to see if you are a part of one of these groups that has pre-requested a summer housing assignment for you. You will need to complete a "Group" Summer Housing Application in the portal to complete the housing contract, but won't have to go through other steps. Please wait until you are told by your group contact to go and complete the Summer Housing Application in Home Under the Dome. For this process, you need to be coded as part of the group before filling out an application. This notifies the Office of Residential Life that you are associated with one of these groups. You will need to complete the housing application for purposes of signing the housing contract to live on campus in summer housing. Again, please wait until you are instructed by your group contact to go and complete the Summer Housing Application in Home Under the Dome.

Housing Assignment Notification
Housing assignments will be available on Home Under the Dome once complete. Please check back periodically for updated assignment information. If you don't see any housing assignment related information 3 business days prior to your expected arrival to campus, please contact the Office of Residential Life. Please make sure you have submitted a completed housing application. 

Canceling Summer Housing
If your plans change and you need to cancel your summer application and or assignment, please e-mail your request to, and indicate "Summer Housing Application Cancellation" or "Summer Housing Assignment Cancellation" in the subject heading. Fees or penalties may apply for students who cancel their summer session housing.