Assistant Rector

Assistant Rectors

The assistant rector (AR) is a graduate student who serves in a residence hall and lives side by side with students. The AR and rector form the Head Staff and together, with the resident assistants, make up the Hall Staff. The AR aids the rector in general administration and works with Hall Staff to ensure a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment for all who reside in the residence halls.

Assistant Rector Position Description

Although the exact responsibilities of the assistant rector may vary between communities, in every hall, the AR is called to be a professional, minister, educator, and administrator. The role may include but is not limited to:

The AR is a representative of the University and will be asked to:

  • Attend Hall Staff meetings
  • Contribute to on call duty rotation with Head Staff
  • Participate in University Hall Staff training
  • Attend monthly AR development meetings
  • Share on call rotation with Head Staff for University breaks (e.g., Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Easter)
  • Act as an advisor for Hall Council

The AR is a role model in all aspects of their life including spiritual. Activities may include:

  • Maintaining presence in the community on nights outside duty night
  • Coordinating hall liturgies (e.g., Mass, prayer services, programs designed to enhance spiritual life)
  • Attending Sunday liturgy in community with their residents

Learning happens outside the classroom and ARs aid in this process by:

  • Challenging disruptive behavior in the community by enforcing all University policies
  • Modeling and living by Universities policies
  • Working closely with students in the community to plan events

Completing paperwork and working with other offices may include:

  • Submitting work orders for repairs or requesting maintenance
  • Completing programming proposals, funding, and evaluations for the community
  • Completing Incident Reports for disruptive behavior for the community or University
  • Reconciling monthly University credit card transactions
  • Assisting with housing processes, such as check in, check out, room picks, etc.



We are currently seeking an AR for a female undergraduate residence hall.  Please email if you are interested. 



  • Assistant Rectors contract for each semester. The starting salary for assistant rectors is approximately $7,000 per semester.
  • Room and Board: Assistant rectors are provided with a furnished room and a University meal plan during their semester appointment.
  • Tuition: Assistant rectors are eligible for one 3-hour UNDERGRADUATE course each semester at 90% tuition remission (this benefit is tax-free) – OR - assistant rectors may take one 3-hour GRADUATE course each semester at 100% tuition remission. Under the University’s Educational Assistance Program, designed to meet the requirements of Section 127(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, this benefit is only taxable to the extent the tuition value of the course(s) exceeds $5,250 per calendar year.
  • Parking:  Assistant rectors receive a free parking decal for a designated AR parking space.


  • Assistant rectors are generally enrolled as full-time graduate or professional students. With the exception of first-year law students, Notre Dame graduate and professional students who will be enrolled in degree-seeking (masters or doctoral) programs are eligible to apply for the position of assistant rector. However, first-year M.Div. Program participants are considered eligible by exception only and only with the prior approval of the director of the M.Div. Program.
  • Every assistant rector must participate in hall staff formation. Formation programs begin in Spring of the academic year preceding the appointment to assistant rector status. A more extensive formation program is conducted approximately two weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester. In-service training sessions are held throughout the year. Attendance at all formation, training, orientation, and in-service training sessions, as well as regular meetings with the hall staff, is mandatory. More information will be provided upon hiring.
  • Because assistant rectors may serve as first responders in many medical emergencies, it is important that they possess basic first aid skills. Supplemental first aid training will be required by August 31.
  • If offered a position a federal and state background check will be administered.
  • The Office of Student Affairs regards a graduate or professional student who accepts a position as assistant rector as making a significant commitment that may preclude acceptance of other employment within or outside the University or acceptance of major offices in campus organizations or activities.
    • Applicants may be subject to certain University academic or financial assistance guidelines that impose ceilings on the maximum support that a student may receive or that proscribe employment.
    • Graduate students who receive financial aid beyond tuition assistance in the form of a fellowship or graduate/research assistantship should check with the Graduate School to determine whether they may also hold a position as an assistant rector.
    • Law students need to check with the Law School regarding eligibility to hold the assistant rector position.
    • Students receiving a stipend need to check with their academic program as that might preclude them from being an assistant rector.
  • All applicants are encouraged to discuss their eligibility for employment with the Graduate School or their academic advisor. Other questions regarding eligibility may be directed to Residential Life at 574-631-5878.

Please call Residential Life, 574-631-5878,  or email with any questions.